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Introducing the new Amazon Echo family 29 September 2017

Amazon Echo is expanding its family with a range of products that make it even easier to set up and run a smart home.

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Not just hot air: The new EU vacuum rules explained 22 September 2017

Buying a new vacuum cleaner? Here’s how the new EU vacuum cleaner regulations will affect your choice of models…

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Everything you need to know about iOS 11 22 September 2017

The annual update of iOS from Apple places some great tools in your hands...

4 accessories to take your PC gaming to the next level 19 September 2017

Full-throttle racing games made bone-shudderingly realistic and the kit behind the gaming stars of YouTube. 

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How to cook the perfect autumn warmers 18 September 2017

As the seasons change and we wave a reluctant goodbye to summer, there’s no better feeling than reaching for warming comfort foods. 

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Where is air pollution worst – home, office or construction site? 18 September 2017

After finally escaping your stuffy office, you brave your commute and rush past that dusty construction site.

Kitchen & Home
Our 3 favourite kitchen innovations from AEG 15 September 2017

Love cooking? We’ve been to AEG to see their latest kitchen appliances, and they’re packed with innovations for home cooks and foodies. See our 3 favourites…

Back to Uni? Add a Chromebook to your reading list 11 September 2017

Need a laptop that can keep up with you at Uni? Look no further than Google Chromebook. It’s fast, always up to date, and has the might of Google behind it.

Gamescom 2017 round-up: the latest gaming tech revealed 08 September 2017

The biggest news from the world’s second biggest gaming conference. Get the lowdown on new games and consoles...

What is an auto-clean oven? 08 September 2017

Wave goodbye to the grease, grime and scrubbing pads with an auto-clean oven…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
What is a Chromebook? 08 September 2017

Looking for a budget laptop? With a Google Chromebook you can write essays, binge on Netflix and browse the web for less than £200.

Laptops, desktops & tablets
Why your new laptop should include SSD 07 September 2017

Work or play, an SSD can help you get more out of your laptop. Enjoy quick start up and even quicker data transfers…

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