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Smart home
Should I invest in a Smart home? 24 January 2018

With Amazon's Alexa bringing voice control to heating, lighting, cooking and even applying make-up, is now the time to embrace the smart home?

Voice assistants dominate at CES 2018 09 January 2018

As tech gets cleverer, there’s one way you're going to control it. Your voice. Discover why Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant are the big story at CES 2018.

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Smart home
6 Amazon Echo tips and tricks 29 January 2018

Ask for anything from Domino’s pizza to tomorrow’s weather. The most useful Alexa skills, and some pretty silly ones too, revealed for your Amazon Echo…

Kitchen & Home
Smart tech belongs in the kitchen too 29 January 2018

Cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, organising the family week – it’s all done from the kitchen. Find out how a smart kitchen can help you stay in control…

4K UHD TVs to suit different budgets 29 January 2018

The latest 4K UHD TV-technology delivers super-sharp picture quality. And it needn’t break the bank. Here’s our guide to the best TVs for your budget…

Which smart sound multi-room system should I buy? 28 January 2018

Love Spotify? Get the best from streaming with smart sound multi-room speakers. We review the options, from Bose to Sonos…  

Can smart thermostats save money? How to reduce your energy use with Nest 28 January 2018

Tired of big heating bills? Find out how you can keep them down with a Nest Learning Thermostat…

Smart home
Control your lighting from your phone with Philips Hue smart bulbs 28 January 2018

Smart light bulbs are no gimmick – they’re proven to boost kerb appeal, secure your home and generally make life a whole lot easier…

Smart home
Nest or Hive – which smart thermostat is right for you? 27 January 2018

More control and lower energy bills – what’s not to love about smart thermostats? Here we compare the Nest and Hive systems…

8 reasons to buy a 4K UHD TV now 27 January 2018

Looking for a new TV? With the football season on Sky and Netflix shows like Stranger Things, now’s a great time to choose a 4K television…

5 signs your oven is on its way out 26 January 2018

Is your oven letting you down? Do you burn more than you bake? Don’t blame the baker, it may be a sign your oven needs replacing…

Tell incredible stories with the Canon EOS M100 Camera 26 January 2018

Take your photography skills to the next level with a camera that’s small in size but big on performance – meet the Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera...

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