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Which smart sound multi-room system should I buy? 28 January 2018

Love Spotify? Get the best from streaming with smart sound multi-room speakers. We review the options, from Bose to Sonos…  

Which portable wireless speaker should I buy? 12 January 2018

Whether at home, in the garden or on your travels, music-lovers can enjoy their favourite tunes anytime with a portable speaker…

Voice assistants dominate at CES 2018 09 January 2018

As tech gets cleverer, there’s one way you're going to control it. Your voice. Discover why Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant are the big story at CES 2018.

What headphones should I buy? 19 December 2017

If you love your music, you need a pair of headphones that will suit your lifestyle to a T. Here’s our guide to the right ones for you…

Top 5 apps to get the best from your headphones 12 December 2017

From sound equalizers to software that fine tunes the audio to your hearing – here’s how you can use apps to get the best sound from your headphones…

5 sports headphones to keep you motivated 06 December 2017

Running is an easy, inexpensive way to improve your fitness. Starting out on a park run or training for a 10K? We’ve got the headphones to suit every runner…

What to buy for music lovers 23 October 2017

Whether they’re a busy commuter, party-lover or nostalgia nut, we can help you find the right tech for your music lover companion

How to take your music outside (without annoying the neighbours) 25 August 2017

Want to have a student party without annoying the neighbours? Check out our tips for getting the party started without any bother

Goodbye, nano and shuffle: Apple bumps off noughties iPod icons 03 August 2017

Get your noughties nostalgia on – Apple is discontinuing the iPod nano and shuffle. We take a stroll down memory lane to celebrate two iPod icons.


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