Top 5 apps to get the best from your headphones

From sound equalizers to software that fine tunes the audio to your hearing – here’s how you can use apps to get the best sound from your headphones…

Whether you’re using the earbuds that came with your phone or a more premium set, there are lots of apps that can improve the quality of your headphones, or connect you to helpful fitness data

Here, we round up the top 5 apps.Headphones

Bose Connect

In a nutshell: The Bose Connect app is specifically designed to help you get the best from your Bose headphones.

This app is compatible with most new Bose headphones, but if you’re looking to start upping your fitness, Bose Connect is really handy to use alongside SoundSport Pulse wireless headphones. With it, you can:

  • Track your heart rate so you know when you need to up the intensity for maximum health benefits
  • Access heart rate readings
  • Control noise cancellation - no more unplugging your headphones when you’re jogging over busy roads.
  • Control the volume of your music.
  • Listen to the same music as your running partner thanks to the apps ability to pair with two devices (as long as you both have Bose headphones)

Get the app for Android or Apple devices


Improve the quality of free headphones – Headphones Equalizer

In a nutshell: give the headphones that came with your phone a boost with a high-quality audio setup

Sure, the headphones that come in the same box as your phone are pretty good – but they still have a way to go. Use the Equalizer app to master any brand of headphone for the best possible audio quality. With it you can:

  • Get total control over your sound with bass, midrange and treble toggles
  • Enjoy a deep bass sound with the bass boost
  • Manage everything from within the app – it syncs with your default music player
  • Or have it running in the background– and use the Quick Notification access to change the settings from your home screen

Android: Google Play storeBose QC headphones

Listen to different genres – Bass Booster

In a nutshell: Metal and rock fans will agree, some music can only be listened to loud

Blare out your favourite tracks the way they should be played by boosting the volume by up to +10dB on Bass Booster. With it you can:

  • Set it up with presets for different genres – it’ll automatically detect these based on what’s being played
  • Or create your own – and listen to your music the way you like it
  • Use the homescreen shortcut to manage your settings without having to open the app
  • Programme it to fade out for incoming calls – and turn down the volume during conversations

Get the app for Android devices from the Google Play storeheadphones

Turn your headphones into speakers – CanOpener

In a nutshell: recreate sharp sound of speakers on your headphones

Nothing beats the immersive sound of speakers blasting out audio across your entire living room. Get same high-quality audio from your headphones when you’re out and about with the CanOpener app. With it you can:

  • Use the ‘Crossfeed’ function to recreate that rich speaker sound
  • Fine tune it to match your taste – customise it for the kind of headphones
  • you’re listening on and type of music you like to listen to
  • Equalize the sound – with tuning options for mid tones and bass
  • Make sure your ears are protected as it measures how loud your sound is

Download the app from the App Store


For discovering new music – TuneShell

In a nutshell: Search for new music – and listen to it in the best quality – with a dedicated equalizer for SoundCloud. 

TuneShell has all your new music needs covered – search for new tracks, download them and listen without compromising on sound quality. With it you can:

  • Play any track – it supports majority of audio files, including FLAC and MP3
  • Search for and download new music with the in-app browser
  • Sync files on your computer and tablet with Dropbox integration
  • Create easy-access playlists of your favourite songs

Get TuneShell from the App Store


Want some new headphones to listen on?

With the right apps you can turn your phone’s headphones into a pretty decent set, but if you’re looking to get the best quality audio you may want to swap them for a more premium pair.

For a comfortable set of earbuds you can wear all day, try the Sennheiser CX 5.00 i headphones – they come with four different-size adapters so you’ll find the right fit for you. 

Get the Sennheiser CX 5.00 i headphones

Sennheiser CX

Or if you prefer to wear on-ear headphones, try the award-winning Philips Fidelio M1MKII headphones. These fit the shape of your ear and seal in sound – great if you want to zone out on your commute without any background noise.

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Philips Fidelio



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