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How to take your music outside (without annoying the neighbours) 07 May 2018

Want to have a student party without annoying the neighbours? Check out our tips for getting the party started without any bother

Which portable wireless speaker should I buy? 04 May 2018

Whether at home, in the garden or on your travels, music-lovers can enjoy their favourite tunes anytime with a portable speaker…

Multi-room speakers explained: Our guide to Sonos 20 April 2018

If you’re new to multi-room, take a look at our beginners’ guide to Sonos…

Which smart sound multi-room system should I buy? 03 April 2018

Love Spotify? Get the best from streaming with smart sound multi-room speakers. We review the options, from Bose to Sonos…  

Sonos PLAYBASE: The sound solution for TVs on stands 13 March 2017

Want better sound from your TV? The Sonos PLAYBASE is perfect for TVs that sit on stands and furniture…

What Hi-Fi award-winning tech available at Currys 19 October 2016

Want the best in audio and home cinema? Check out products in our range that won 2016 What Hi-Fi? Awards…

What does Sonos have in store for the future of home audio? 31 August 2016

Sonos reveals it’s bringing you better Spotify and Amazon Echo integration at a special event in New York. We bring you all the action…

Sonos speakers get Apple Music – we list the best bits 19 February 2016

Sonos has brought multi-room to the masses but now its service gets even better with the addition of Apple Music…

Take music to the next level with high-resolution audio 18 January 2016

From better-than-CD-quality streaming to portable speakers with spacious sound – we’re across the latest trends in home audio…


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