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Fridges & freezers
5 things to think about before buying a fridge freezer 21 May 2018

Choosing a new fridge-freezer? Then there’s more to consider than you may realise. Ask yourself these 5 questions before you invest…

Kitchen & Home
Breathe cleaner air with a Dyson Air Purifier 20 May 2018

Air pollution is a headache for people living inner city lives. Fortunately, Dyson’s air purifiers – the Pure Cool Desk, Pure Cool Tower and Hot + Cool – can help you…

Fridges & freezers
Which fridge freezer should I buy? 18 May 2018

Looking for your first-ever fridge-freezer, or one that can handle a large gathering and big family parties? Find your perfect fridge with us…  

Fitness & smart watches
Currys Royal Wedding Competition Terms & Conditions 17 May 2018

By entering this promotion, you accept and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

Fridges & freezers
Should I buy a smart fridge? 16 May 2018

More than just a gimmick, smart fridge-freezers help you stay on top of family life. Here’s why…

Kick-start your passion for cooking with NEFF 14 May 2018

The Slide & Hide® oven door is the envy of bakers everywhere, but that’s not all NEFF has to offer budding chefs. Take a look at the tech that’ll take your food to the next level.

Windows 10
6 great features from the Windows 10 update 10 May 2018

See the most exciting changes in the latest Windows 10 update - from better Bluetooth pairing to a long-awaited new app management system...

How to take your music outside (without annoying the neighbours) 07 May 2018

Want to have a student party without annoying the neighbours? Check out our tips for getting the party started without any bother

Choosing the right lens for your new camera 04 May 2018

Eager to unleash the full potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera? Take your photography to the next level by adding lenses to your repertoire...

Which portable wireless speaker should I buy? 04 May 2018

Whether at home, in the garden or on your travels, music-lovers can enjoy their favourite tunes anytime with a portable speaker…

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