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Laser printer or inkjet printer – which is right for you? 20 July 2017

Buying a printer? Compare costs, benefits and ink in our inkjet vs laser head-to-head…

How much data storage do I need at uni? 12 July 2017

Essays, presentations, notes. And of course music and films. You need a lot of data storage at uni.

3 best scanners for making your designs digital 12 July 2017

Want to digitise your sketches or create a digital portfolio? Here’s our pick of 3 scanners for fashion design…

What’s the right type of storage for you? 07 July 2017

Should you go with Google cloud storage, a portable hard drive or both? We’ll help you work it out…

Virtual reality is about to go mainstream 21 December 2016

HTC Vive and PlayStation VR headsets, gaming and movies – Google and YouTube. How virtual reality is set to rock your world…

3 must-have hard drives for photographers 27 July 2016

From super-portable for on-the-go snappers to high-tech NAS drives for home studios… we pick out the best hard drives for photographers

3 essentials for getting set up with a new computer 27 July 2016

Everyone needs different things from a computer. Whether you’re starting university or are upgrading the family PC, it’s important to find the right computer for you. However, what is equally as important is often the thing that we forget - getting the right setup.

5 things you can make with a 3D printer right now 22 January 2016

3D printing technology is advancing rapidly. Find out what unusual items are able to be 3D printed right now – you’d be amazed…

What gaming controller do I need? 23 November 2015

From console-style gamepads to driving wheels, flightsticks and fightsticks. We help you choose the right controller for your style of PC gaming.


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