5 reasons your home needs a NAS drive

Looking for one central place where the whole family can wirelessly store their files safely and securely from all their devices? A NAS drive could be right for you.

We all store so much data on our computers these days. Documents, photos, music and movies build up over time and many people look to external hard drives as a way to back everything up. However, most portable drives can only connect to one computer at a time, making it hard to share files and entertainment to all the devices in your home network.


This isn’t a problem if you use a NAS drive. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and describes exactly how the drive works. The drives connect to your home network so you can connect to it wirelessly with many different devices; from laptops and desktops to tablets, smart TVs and smartphones.

These devices can all save to the drive or access stored files, making it the ideal central location for all your music, movies and photos. You can access your files over the internet wherever you are, but unlike services such as cloud storage you don’t have to pay monthly fees.

1)  Store your movies and stream them: A NAS device is the perfect companion for your Smart TV. It will help you store and organise your digital movies and can seamlessly stream to your connected TV, games consoles, laptops or tablets.

2) Create a central music library: Store all of your music in one safe place on the NAS drive and stream to your wireless audio system, listen through your television speakers or access your tunes through your tablet or smart phone.

3) Back up all your computers to one place: With many households now owning more than one computer, you can now easily and automatically back up all of your computers to your NAS drive.  You can then access your files from anywhere, provided you have internet access, while your files are stored safely at home.


4) Sharing from your smartphone is simple: A NAS drive makes transferring your photos and videos to your computer or TV simple. You can upload your photos and videos directly to your NAS drive, free up space on your mobile devices and then see the images on a much bigger screen.

5) You’re not giving your data to strangers: With a NAS drive, you have the peace of mind that you are in control of who views your files. Although cloud storage can be an excellent and secure option, many people are unhappy about trusting private data and backups to someone else. This works like your own personal cloud; you can feel much more secure knowing your files are stored on a drive in your home, where you personally control who can access them.

This is another key point – you can give a password to any of your family and friends to allow them access to the files you want to share with them. You control what they can access, so nobody can accidentally stumble upon private documents. You’re always in control of your data.

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