4 reasons to upgrade your desktop now

The recent Windows 10 update and innovative new designs make now a great time to upgrade your desktop PC…

If you thought the desktop PC was dead, think again – innovative new designs and technology are breathing new life into the retro PC. Esteemed writers at the likes of Information Week and Tech Radar have proclaimed the desktop PC is far from dead in the face of some analysts suggesting otherwise.

Here are 4 reasons why we think the desktop is alive and kicking. Rather than replace it with a laptop or tablet, why not upgrade your desktop PC for a new model?


1. Stylish Designs

The desktop PCs of old were bulky, ugly affairs – all big oblong boxes and protruding cables. The new breed of desktop PCs are much easier on the eye.

Many boast a sleek all-in-one design that squeezes all of the components into the monitor, completely doing away with the old tower design. These all-in-one PCs use just 1 cable to connect to the keyboard and sometimes the keyboard is wireless.

The Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 510S (the S stands for slim) is an all-in-one that looks incredibly chic. Its minimalist styling wouldn’t look out of place in the most stylish of home offices.

The first all-in-ones had slightly bulky monitors but this one manages to be incredibly slim even with the components squeezed in.

But it’s the screen that’s perhaps the most beautiful thing about this computer. It is large – 23 inches – and surrounded by an almost non-existent frame, so the picture goes right to the edge. It’s a touchscreen too – so you can scroll through menus with your fingertips. 

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2. Innovative new technology

Far from being technological dinosaurs, desktop PCs contain some of the most innovative technology around – depending on the model you choose, such as: 

  • Edge-to-edge displays that have incredibly thin bezels surrounding the screen for a more immersive picture
  • Intel Real Sense depth-sensing cameras that can see and recognise people and objects in 3D
  • Touchscreens designed to work with Windows 10swipe to view open apps or navigate Netflix and suchlike
  • Dedicated graphics for HD gaming. Rather than relying on your computer’s RAM, these have their own memory


3. New Windows 10 features

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system. It combines the best bits from Windows 8 (live tiles, apps, touchscreen controls) with the best of Windows 7 (Start Menu, traditional desktop and taskbar). It’s designed to work on your tablet and your PC; with your keyboard and with touch.

It has loads of cool new features including the digital assistant Cortana and the Edge web browser. What’s more, it has recently been updated with more cool stuff.

Now you can: 

  • Pull up a PowerPoint presentation or Word document or even set yourself a reminder using voice commands with digital assistant Cortana (PC needs a mic)
  • Find files and open programs from the Start menu and also get live updates on the weather and your social media accounts with live tiles
  • Run Microsoft Office for Word, Excel and PowerPoint or download the Office web apps from Windows Store
  • Read online articles free of ads, banners and other headlines in Read View in the new Edge browser
  • Customise your desktop to run 4 apps
  • Annotate webpages with your own typed notes and send to friends and colleagues
  • Xbox gamer? Stream games from your Xbox One to your PC. And buy an Xbox game and get a PC version too with Xbox Play Anywhere
  • Log into your PC and even certain apps and websites with Windows Hello with a tap (need a fingerprint reader) or even a smile with (Intel Real Sense camera)

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4. There’s a Windows PC for everyone

The great thing about buying a Windows 10 desktop PC is the breadth of the range.

Whether you’re after an affordable family computer or a stylish but powerful home office. The latest cutting-edge tech or an all-conquering gaming rig.


The family computer - Asus Zen

In a nutshell: Enough power for homework, web browsing and Netflix at a budget-friendly price  

  • Enough power for web browsing, streaming and running Microsoft Office with its Intel Core i3 processor
  • Compact all-in-one design will take up less desk space
  • Space for your family photos and music with its large 1TB hard drive
  • Perfect for family movie nights with its 21.5-inch screen with IPS technology for wider viewing angles 

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The high-end home office – Lenovo IdeaCentre 510S 

In a nutshell: Smart, sophisticated statement PC with plenty of power for work and play

  • Sophisticated and sleek all-in-one design would complement a stylish office space
  • Work in Office, stream Spotify and carry out online research smoothly at the same time with an Intel Core i5 processor
  • Work efficiently in large Excel spreadsheets with 8GB RAM
  • Enjoy super-sharp video conferencing (and Netflix) on Full HD screen with edge-to-edge display


The gaming rig – Acer Predator

In a nutshell: Lots of power, dedicated graphics and more innovative tech for immersive gaming  

  • Fast, detailed Full HD visuals with dedicated graphics from NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  • Games run efficiently with 8GB RAM and scope to upgrade to 64GB with further add-ons
  • Huge 2TB hard drive for storing your games collection
  • Gaming PCs get hot – but innovative cooling tech stops it overheating

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