4 reasons to upgrade your laptop now

Having trouble with your laptop? Our latest models are packed with tech designed to tackle some age-old issues…

Slow to load and troublesome to transport. Struggles to multi-task and often crashes. Running old software and runs out of juice too quickly. If these laptop problems sound familiar, it may well be time for an upgrade.new laptop

The past 2 years have seen massive advancements in laptop technology – creating machines that are faster and lighter with more longevity in battery life and design. 

Here's our top 4 reasons to upgrade your laptop now…

new laptop

1. Finding the right laptop has never been easier

Say goodbye to… Spending hours trying to understand the differences between laptops

Finding the perfect laptop to suit your lifestyle and needs is easy. Whether you’re choosing from the Windows Premium Collection or browsing the different laptop stories created by Currys PC World. 

  • What’s your story? We’ve divided our range into different groups, such as ‘Achieve’ for the most demanding software and tasks, and ‘Everyday’ for casual multitaskers who are always online. What’s your story?
  • The Windows Premium Collection is a curated set of laptops hand-picked by Microsoft that represents the epitome of performance, style and design while showcasing Windows at its very best. Shop the Windows 10 Premium Collection

HP Spectre 13

2. Everything is faster with SSD

Say goodbye to…waiting an age for your laptop to wake up or your program to load

‘What you’ll notice straight away is just how quick it (the laptop) starts up,’ says YouTuber Ash Tailor. ‘This is down to the solid state drive, or in other words the SSD.’ 

‘You’ll notice this speed immediately when copying files, loading programs and much more,’ he adds.

An SSD replaces your regular hard drive. It’s much smaller, and made up of no moving parts. Unlike a regular hard drive, it doesn’t make loads of noise, nor will it make your laptop heavy. 

The Dell XPS 13, the world’s smallest 13-inch laptop, uses SSD. As does the Microsoft Surface Pro – the tablet that can replace your laptop. Microsoft Surface Pro

3. You get the best from Windows 10

Say goodbye to… operating systems designed solely for laptops

Windows 10 is simple to use and adds all sorts of new features that make your life easier – as well as bringing back some much-missed features that weren’t in Windows 8.

From the built-in personal assistant Cortana, to the new Windows Ink feature that lets you scribble on web pages, Windows 10 makes using your computer a joy. The Surface Pro and the Surface Pen make for delightful designing, doodling and note-taking.

Windows 10 also brings back the Start menu in the bottom right corner, and the way that’s been improved with apps that display latest info on their surface – known as Live Tiles. Windows 10 has been optimised to give you the best possible experience no matter what device you’re using it on – laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. 10 things to know about Windows 10 

Some laptops can be both laptop and tablet. These are known as 2 in 1s and feature screens that either fold back on hinges or completely detach.

The HP Spectre x360 is an excellent 2 in 1. Run demanding software with its Intel Core i7 processor. Then flip the screen into tablet mode to chill with Netflix on its Full HD screen.

Get the HP Spectre x360HP Spectre x360

Designers should look to the Microsoft Surface Pro ­– the tablet that can replace your laptop. The latest version is ‘faster and more powerful’ than previous Surface tablets so can easily run the most demanding Adobe software. Add the Surface Pen and you have a mobile design studio.

Get the Microsoft Surface Pro


4. Portability and power combined  

Say goodbye to…lugging around a bulky, noisy laptop that’s way too big for your rucksack  

Engineers can now get incredibly powerful tech into incredibly slim and light designs – often thinner than a paperback and weighing around the same as a small bag of sugar.

How do they do it?

  • Wrapped in a single piece of lightweight aluminium
  • Using fast and compact SSD storage
  • Ditching the DVD drive
  • Favouring USB 3.0 and even smaller USB Type-C ports

The latest Intel Core and Core M processors mean they’re still very powerful tools – with options to suit everyday mult-itaskers and power hungry Adobe users

Dell XPS 13

Take the Dell XPS 13. It manages to be the world’s smallest 13-inch laptop while also offering enough power to run Adobe CC or Excel while also streaming and browsing the web. It offers up to 18 hours battery life.

Get the Dell XPS 13

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