4 reasons why now is a great time to upgrade your laptop

Is your laptop less than speedy these days? Don’t let you’re device slow you down. Whether it’s for business or leisure, here’s how an upgrade could help you…

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1. Windows 10 gives you the best experience

Of all Microsoft’s operating systems, Windows 10 is hailed as the best version so far. Not only is the simplest system to use, but it’s also optimised to work fluidly across desktops, tablets and smartphones without compromising performance. Reading online is easier using the new Edge browser, and with Cortana – your own personal assistant – setting reminders and keeping on top of your schedule is a breeze.

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2. You can get a laptop and a tablet all in one

Choosing which device to spend your money on is no longer a problem with even more 2 in 1 laptops becoming available. With the freedom to switch between 2 devices, you get a much more versatile experience for your money. Laptops are ideal for working on the go with quick touchscreen capability, or you can get totally portable entertainment with your tablet.

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3. You can get faster performance with Intel 6th Gen Core M

Optimised for busy life on the go, laptops with this Intel 6th Gen Core M pack amazing battery power, giving you the freedom to work and surf the web without being dependent on a power socket. Because the processor is smaller, these laptops are also lighter, thinner and quieter than ever – without affecting performance.

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4. Laptop cameras can now do so much more

With Windows 10 you can make full use of the clever depth sensing Intel RealSense cameras. With this technology, you can log into your laptop simply by sitting in front of the camera. As your laptop recognises you, it will immediately load up all your personalized preferences. The clever camera won’t be fooled by someone holding a picture of you as it searches for specific, unique details of your face – its even been known to differentiate between identical twins. As well as keeping secure, you can also scan 3D objects and control your apps through hand gestures.

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