How to choose a tablet for fashion design

Tablets make great tools for designers – whether you’re wanting to create digital designs or merely show off your work in a digital portfolio…

Surface Pro 4

If you’re serious about fashion design, try adding a tablet to your tool kit. 

With a powerful tablet you can work on your designs on the go, without having to lug your laptop or sketchpads. While incredibly portable and sharp-screened models make great digital portfolios for taking to meetings and interviews.

Choosing the right tablet depends on which of these you’re going to use it for. Find out more with our guide…


For creating your designs

In a nutshell: Look for a full-blown design tool with a powerful processor for running design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Fashion designers rely on demanding software. Adobe Creative Cloud is the industry standard – and it has an app specially created for tablets. So if you want to give your own collection the professional edge, you’ll want a tablet that’s powerful enough to run it.

What to look for when buying a tablet for fashion design. 

  • Processor and internal memory (RAM) – a powerful processor such as Intel Core i5 or i7 is needed for demanding design apps. And if you want things to run smoothly you want as much RAM as possible – no less than 8GB
  • A stylus for sketching on screen – something with a textured grip and plenty of sensitivity will give you precision control, so it’ll feel just as accurate as holding a pencil in your hand
  • Screen quality – look for high resolution screens with more pixels for greater detail when working up close

The Surface Pro 4 is the perfect mobile design studio. Photoshop is a breeze with the Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM.

Use the Surface Pen to make accurate sketches directly onto the screen – the Adobe Illustrator app includes a workspace designed with touchscreens in mind. See your work clearly on the large 12-inch screen with better-than-HD resolution. 

Get the Surface Pro 4


For showcasing your portfolio

In a nutshell: Go for a tablet with a large, high-resolution screen for showcasing your designs in full glory

Whether you’re getting ready to apply for fashion courses at uni or you’re a graduate looking for your first job, a professional portfolio will mark you out from the crowd.

Nowadays, most designers use a digital portfolio alongside their paper copy to present their work. Usually saved as a PDF or PowerPoint, it looks impressive and can be emailed out on request. Save it on your tablet and you’ve got a ready-made presentation to take to meetings with potential clients.

What to look for when buying a tablet for your portfolio:

  • High-resolution screen – for showcasing your designs
  • Slim, lightweight design – you’ll want something you can easily carry from interview to interview
  • Processor – this is less important if you’re just using your tablet to display your work, and not for designing. However you’ll still want enough power to support the high-res images you’ll be displaying 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 makes a great portfolio. Your work will look fabulous as you switch through projects on its excellent screen. Rich and detailed with vivid colours, bright whites and deep blacks – your designs will pop from the Super AMOLED display.

The tablet is thin and light, weighing just 389 grams – perfect for life on the go. Run your presentations on PowerPoint with Microsoft Office already installed.

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