What tablet should I buy?

Sofa surfer or home worker? Business traveller or holidaymaker? Get the best tablet for you with our handy guide


A tablet can be your replacement laptop, a second TV, a way of keeping in touch with friends. It can be your online shopping partner, or your mobile office.

Work out which tablet is right for you with our guide.


For the whole family – work and play, home or away

In a nutshell: A high-quality tablet for all seasons, from watching Netflix to buying shoes.

This tablet is more than just a gadget. It’s a member of the family. You’ll use it to watch movies and TV, browse Facebook, look things up, and shop ‘til you drop – whether you’re on the sofa or on the go.

What to look out for:

  • Fast processor for running several apps at the same time or playing high-end games
  • Large, high-resolution screen for streaming Netflix and iPlayer
  • Enough memory to store all your films, photos and music
  • Wide range of apps – from Scrabble to Netflix, Booking.com to Microsoft Word
  • Sturdy but with a thin, lightweight design for family life

A tablet we love – Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: This tablet is easy to hold (Samsung’s lightest and thinnest tablet). And watching Netflix is a joy with the bright, vivid 9.7-inch screen. You can download apps and movies from Google Play store, and you’ll have plenty of room for them with 32GB memory.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S2


For watching Netflix

In a nutshell: A tablet that’s all about the screen quality and not too fussed on power

Tablets go hand-in-hand with video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and YouTube. Many people buy a tablet solely for video streaming.

What to look out for:

  • Large, high-resolution screen for immersive viewing
  • Built-in stand to prop up the tablet for comfort – who wants to hold it?
  • Good quality speakers for atmospheric sound (think action movies)
  • Long battery life for box-set binging

A tablet we love – Lenovo Yoga Tab 3: Watch movies hands-free with this 10-inch tablet thanks to its cool built-in stand. Box-set binge your way through Netflix with 18 hours’ battery life and a sharp, wide-angle screen.

Check out the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

Also try: The Asus Z300M brings a host of picture quality features to deliver an ‘HDTV tablet experience’ – getting the best from contrast, sharpness, clarity and brightness.

Check out the Z300M


For business travellers

In a nutshell: Combine portable, lightweight design, processing power and compatibility with Office software

Fed-up of lugging your laptop to meetings? A new generation of portable, powerful tablets means the laptop can stay on your desk.

What to look out for:

  • Microsoft Office for running Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Incredibly lightweight design for working on the go
  • Bluetooth keyboard option for emailing and documents
  • MicroSD and Micro-USB ports for plugging in other devices and memory cards
  • Fingerprint sensor for peace of mind when travelling

A tablet we love – Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: Weighing 389g and measuring 5.6mm thin, this tablet is perfect for business travel. A superfast processor and Office for Android mean working on the go is no problem either. Presentations and video calls will look pin-sharp on the bright, vivid Super AMOLED screen. Log in with a tap of your fingertip.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2


For gap years and summer holidays

In a nutshell: Sturdy but lightweight tablet, with apps for staying in touch and a decent camera.

A tablet can be your best friend on your travels – whether you’re holidaying or on a gap year. It can help you stay in touch with home. Or plan your next journey and record memories of your current one. It can be your replacement TV and a portable bookshelf.

What to look for:

  • Slim, lightweight and small (7-8inch) for slipping in your rucksack or suitcase
  • Sturdy metal design to take the odd knock when you’re travelling
  • Video-calling apps for speaking with friends and family
  • Good camera for capturing holiday pics or documenting your travels
  • Sharp-screen for watching Netflix or reading a book

A tablet we love – Apple iPad mini 4: This 7.9-inch tablet weighs just 299g and is encased in tough metal – perfect for carrying in your rucksack or suitcase. Take panorama and arty time-lapse photos with one of its cameras, and selfies with the other. Easily switch between apps with the powerful A7 processor.

Check out the iPad mini 4


What about gamers?

In a nutshell: A tablet that plays nicely with Windows 10 and Xbox One

Tablet gaming is incredibly popular with both the Android and Apple app stores offering loads and loads of games to play. But what about if you want to take it further by streaming your actual console games through your tablet?

What to look for:

  • Built-in Windows 10 to stream Xbox One and PC games to the tablet
  • Controller attachment for playing games on the small screen
  • Regular non-gaming tablet features like Netflix, Facebook and web browsing

A tablet we love - LINX Vision: An extension of your console. Stream Xbox One games to this Windows 10 tablet using the built-in Xbox controls on the tablet’s side. The 8-inch size is perfect for armchair gaming sessions.

Check out the LINX Vision

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