10 last-minute Christmas gifts to keep the whole family happy

Left your Christmas shopping to the last-minute? Check out our quick-fix gift guide...

The shopping days to Christmas are disappearing faster than Mo Farah at London 2012 and you've not bought a single thing.

You need presents yesterday, but you've not done your homework and you don't know where to begin when it comes to gift ideas. 

We've paired gifts to people's interests to give you a get-out-of-jail-free card on December 25.

Buying for…. a telly addict

Now TV Box

Smart TVs are so-called because they connect to the web so you can watch catch-up TV.  But with a Now TV Smart TV Box you can turn your regular TV into a smart one. So if you're buying for someone who just hates to miss EastEnders or Strictly, make sure they never do with this natty gift.

They'll be so grateful they won't mind when you tell them a day pass for Sky Sports came as part of the deal - roll on the Boxing Day football.

Buying for… a part-time snapper

Fujfilm XF1

We may have taken enough smartphone pics for the word 'selfie' to have made it into the dictionary, but sometimes only a proper camera will do. If you're buying for someone who's been bitten by the photography bug, the Fuji XF1 is the perfect camera to help them in their bid to become the next David Bailey. Clutching a stack of awards from Stuff, What Digital Camera? and more, it combines high-end features with the kind of hip 60s styling you'd expect to see on Mad Men.

Buying for…. a bookworm

Kindle paperwhite

If your other half insists on reading in bed when you're trying to sleep, the  Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is a savvy choice for those looking for gifts for women. It has a backlit screen, so you can turn the light off while they lose themselves in the new Bridget Jones novel. It's lightweight too so she won't moan about those heavy books she reads giving her arm ache. Speaking of arm ache, the Kindle can hold around 1,100 books too. It can even work out how long it will take for her to finish reading the chapter she's on.

Buying for… an aspiring domestic goddess (or god)

Kenwood Patissier  

Baking is bang on-trend these days thanks to the Great British Bake Off - the final of this year's show was watched by 9.1 million people. If your other half has got the baking bug help her take her Victoria sandwich to the next level with the  Kenwood Patissier food mixer. It'll mix, knead and beat on her behalf so she can concentrate on avoiding soggy bottoms and keeping Paul and Mary happy.

Buying for… a music head

Sonos Play1

Boyfriend or other half fancy himself as a 'serious' music fan? With the Sonos Play:1 he can get 'serious' about his sound too, making it a great choice for those looking for gifts for men. Sonos speakers are hooked up to one another wirelessly to create a multi-room sound system throughout the home. He can play his iTunes as well as streaming from Spotify and other services, with the Play:1 the perfect speaker to start building a Sonos network. With speakers in different rooms you can have all playing the same music or each playing different - great if you're getting ready to go out and you cannot stand his introspective indie drivel.

Buying for… a January fitness freak

After we've stuffed ourselves daft with turkey and chocolates there comes the clichéd health kick. Give the other half or your teenager at least a fighting chance of seeing it through beyond February with the Fitbit Flex, a fitness band which tracks how much distance they have covered and how many calories they have burned. It can also be used to set fitness goals, and can be synched online to monitor progress. This is good, as when the January sludge kicks in, and the December pay is long gone they'll need all the motivation they can get for going out on that run.

Buying for… a gamer

MVP gaming headset

Teenage son loves playing PS3 or Xbox? Make his gaming sessions even more immersive - and more importantly quieter - with the  Monster Game MVP headset. Monster are known for creating great headphones, now they've applied the same principles to a pair specifically for gaming - meaning you can enjoy your Christmas afternoon nap minus a soundtrack of FIFA commentary. The headphones are lightweight and sound great, while the microphone feature means gamers can chat to their friends on Xbox Live when playing online.

Buying for… someone who never sits still

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Teenager always 'just going out'? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet will help you stay in touch - as well as keeping them entertained. At just 8 inches, this mini tablet is perfect for watching movies on the train or in the college common room, and if you opt for the 3G version they'll be able to stream music and movies online, browse the web and update Facebook too, from pretty much anywhere.

Buying for… a James Bond gadget-loving geek

iSight camera

Looking for a gift for someone who never quite grew out of his love for James Bond-style gadgets? The Philips InSight M100/05 WiFi camera looks like it's fresh from Q's lab. With its streamlined, discreet casing you can instantly monitor the camera's surrounding from afar using your iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can even set it to record when it detects  motion or sound. Perfect for keeping tabs on your home while you're away, or for secret 007-style missions!

Buying for… a big kid


Does anyone ever really grow out of toys which can fly? No. Particularly not when they also record footage of their flight which can be streamed straight to your tablet or smartphone.  

Let your other half relive those childhood dreams of flying a chopper and yours of being able to see the world in a bird's eye view with the  Parrot AR Drone helicopter.