5 bits of kit to kick-start an adventure

Island hopping, road tripping or marathon running? Make your summer travels memorable with the right tech…


Do you prefer authentic experiences over a week in a beach resort? Airbnb to package deals? Local culture over Brits abroad? The younger generation increasingly value ‘experiencing the authentic culture of a place’ over anything else when it comes to their holidays.Camping In The Woods

Whether that’s walking the Great Wall of China, exploring off-grid Cuba or road-tripping across Route 66, tech plays an important role. 

Make your experience more memorable with these 5 gadgets…


1. Stay en route with a sat nav 

In a nutshell: For the great American road trip, from coast-to-coast to Route 66, satnav is essential

Sure, back home we mostly rely on our smartphone GPS and Google Maps to get us around, but if you’re heading into the wild blue yonder to tackle a road trip of gargantuan mileage, your phone could rack up serious data roaming charges.Jungle Jeep

With a satnav from Garmin or TomTom you can purchase special US maps that give you turn-by-turn directions to where you need to go. 

They also point out gas stations and restaurants so you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel.

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2. Prepare for a marathon with a GPS watch

In a nutshell: Ensure you’re ready (as you’ll ever be) for your next challenge with a running watch

Counting down the days and weeks ‘til that marathon you signed up for months ago? You can get more from your training in the run up to an event with the Garmin Forerunner 235. With it you can set tailored training plans to suit everything from a beginners’ 5K to a full marathon.Garmin Forerunner 235

The watch will record how far you have run and at what pace. You can also monitor your heart rate to adjust your pace to suit your running style. Use the smartphone app for Garmin Connect to check your progress over time and follow your training plan. 

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3. Soundtrack summer with a portable speaker

In a nutshell: Soundtrack your travels with a satchel-sized, Spotify streaming speaker

Portable speakers are small and lightweight, playing music from your phone wirelessly – whether that’s listening offline with Spotify or bingeing on your iTunes archive.JLB change

They’re designed for life on the road. Battery powered and budget friendly, you won’t need to worry about trailing cables or foreign plugs.

Things to look out for:

  • Long battery life: Some speakers can play for 8 hours+ on a single charge
  • Beach friendly: Waterproof speakers can be submerged down to 1 metre and are dirt resistant
  • Beefed up sound: Consider speakers that can be grouped to create a bigger network
  • Tough shockproof design for life in your rucksack

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4. Make memories with an action camera

In a nutshell? From hiking to island hopping, document your travels from your perspective

One of the best ways to avoid post-travelling blues is by sharing all your memories with friends and family back home, and what better way to reminisce than seeing footage as you saw it through your own eyes.


Action cameras like GoPros are worn on your head or arm or mounted to your surfboard, helmet or rucksack. They shoot footage of your adventure from your own unique perspective. Most are waterproof and shockproof – great if you’re heading off on an action-packed sports holiday where they’re likely to take the odd knock. Many film in Full HD and some even shoot in 4K.

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5. Share your travels with your smartphone

In a nutshell: Document the travelling experience every step of the way with a premium smartphone  

In the quest to unearth the most authentic, ‘Instagrammable’ destinations, our smartphones are key.Smartphone

Some 56% of millennials post pictures of their holiday while they’re away, with 1 in 3 saying it’s important to have someone comment on these photos – Expedia Millennial Traveller Report

Choosing a smartphone for travelling:

  • Powerful camera packed with useful features (low-light shooting/optical image stabilisation) 
  • Waterproof design for when you’re hitting the beach or trekking in the rain
  • Fingerprint scanner security for added peace of mind when you’re staying in hostels 

The Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 are great options. Find your perfect smartphone