Summer festival tech survival kit

Headphones. Speaker. Back-up phone battery. Camera. Essential festival gadget checklist - check

The festival season is upon us - two months of amazing bands, up-for-it crowds, beer in plastic cups and mud. From Arcade Fire at Glastonbury to Arctic Monkeys at Reading, a massive summer of music stretches before you.

But if you're going to make it through the weekend in one piece you need to be prepared. Check out our essential gadgets feature.Glasto Crowd

Headphones. Speaker. Back-up battery. Camera. Essential festival tech checklist – check. Festival season is upon us, with two months of amazing bands, up-for-it crowds and beer in plastic cups – not to mention the mud.

From Radiohead at Galstonbury to Kasabian at Reading, a massive summer of music awaits. But if you’re going to make it through the weekend in one piece you need to be prepared. We’ve compiled a list of essential gadgets to make this festival season one to remember.


Must have gadgets to make your festival

Anyone who’s been to a festival will tell you that you need a good tent and a pair of wellies to survive the experience. You’ll want to take a few choice gadgets too:

  • Good headphones – for keeping you chilled on the way there and back
  • Instant camera – for taking cool retro-style snaps
  • Portable battery – to keep you powered up all weekend long
  • Wireless speaker – for taking the tunes back to the tent

Beats Solo 2 Headphones – Luxe Edition

Relax on the way to and from the festival while listening to your favourite music with headphones that have noise-isolation technology. This means you can hear the tunes but your fellow travellers can’ solo 2

Combining sophisticated urban design with superb audio quality, the Beats Solo 2 headphones look great and are compact enough to slip into your bag. The robust over-ear design adjusts to suit the size of your head, perfect for giving you crystal clear high frequencies and throbbing bass.

Check out the Beats Solo 2 headphones


Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 

Capture every spontaneous moment of your festival experience - from face-painting to crowd surfing - in cool retro-style with the Fujifilm Instax Mini. Instax mini

It’s perfect for capturing memories – with it you can: 

  • Tuck it into your rucksack or bumbag – it’s small and won’t take up too much space
  • Snap a photo with someone new and scrawl your name and number so they won’t forget you
  • Capture all the detail – the macro mode lets you get seriously close

Create lasting memories to cherish


Monster Powercard

Stay powered up all weekend long – take a Powercard with you so you won’t need to worry about flat batteries or long queues at power stations.Monster powercard

It’s an ideal solution for keeping your phone fully charged while you’re at a festival. The slimline design slips easily into your pocket – no more bulky plugs. And it can give you enough power for a full charge.

Keep yourself charged with the Monster Powercard

Beats Pill

Don’t let the party end when the show is over – take the fun back to your tent with a portable speaker. It can keep the tunes going long after the bands have finished. Beats Pill

Despite its size, the Pill can fill a room with pounding bass. And it pairs easily via both Bluetooth and NFC – so you don’t have to worry about wires getting lost in the mud. The 12 hour battery life will keep you dancing into the wee hours. It’s lightweight, cylindrical shape means it can slide easily into your rucksack.

Get the Beats Pill


Top UK Festivals This Summer 

Still not decided which festival to visit? Here are a few ideas.

1. Glastonbury

When: June 21-25

Headliners: Radiohead, Foofighters, Ed Sheeran

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2. V Festival

When: August 19-20

Headliners: Pink, Jay Z

See who else is playing at V Festival


3. Reading  

When: August 25 - 27

Headliners: Kasabian, Eminem, Muse

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