Where can and can’t you fly a drone?

There’s lots of fun to be had with a drone but, as recent news reports have shown, you do need to take care where you fly. To learn where’s good to launch from, read on…

Flying a drone can be one of the most rewarding hobbies of recent years. Whether you’re indulging in aerial photography, exploring your neighbourhood from a new angle or speed racing through 3D obstacle courses, you’ll see your skill levels build with each flight.

There are many areas in the UK where it’s perfectly safe to fly your drone, but there are a few restrictions you should bear in mind.

How to be safe with your drone

The UK Civil Aviation Authority gives the following advice:


  • Keep your drone in sight – this means within about 500 metres
  • Keep your drone below 400 feet high
  • Use your common sense in choosing where and how to fly – you can be prosecuted for flying dangerously
  • Join a local drone flying club to learn new skills safely


  • Fly within 50 metres of buildings, vehicles or people
  • Fly over congested areas or large gatherings like concerts or sports events

Film people without permission, even if they’re in a public place

  • Fly your drone near an airport or close to an aeroplane – this is a criminal offence

A number of incidents where drones have not been flown safely have caused the government to consider how to ensure people’s safety and privacy. This may mean every drone needs to be registered in the future, for example.

There are also some locations where using your drone may be restricted. These include near military buildings, prisons or government buildings.

Many of the safety instructions for flying a drone are basically common sense but, if you want to become an expert at controlling your drone, you may wish to think about joining a club. Organisations like the British Model Flying Club have groups all across the country you could get in contact with.

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