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Fitness & smart watches
Huawei W2 Sport 4G giveaway Ts&Cs 01 November 2017

Terms and Conditions for the Huawei W2 Sport 4G giveaway

Fitness & smart watches
Which smartwatch should I buy? 31 October 2017

Always on your phone or bike? Going to the gym or browsing boutiques? Find your perfect smartwatch.

Fitness & smart watches
Confused about fitness trackers? We’ll help you get it right 12 October 2017

Need music on the go or can’t fit your wallet in your running shorts? Find out which fitness tracker solves these problems with our infographic.

Fitness & smart watches
LDN Muscle training hacks for the Race to the Stones 21 June 2017

Prepping for the Race to the Stones ultramarathon? Get some top tips from top personal trainers, LDN Muscle…

Fitness & smart watches
Get fighting fit for summer with the right tech 28 April 2017

Whether you’re starting a new regime or looking to amp up your existing technique, our pick of smart tech will give you boost in time for summer

Fitness & smart watches
The top 5 wearables from CES 2017 08 January 2017

We hunted down the best wearable tech at CES 2017. Check out the smart watches and fitness bands that are stealing the show…

Fitness & smart watches
Fitbit Charge 2 or Fitbit Flex 2 – which is right for me? 02 September 2016

Want to improve your general fitness? Get a helping hand from some clever tech with one of Fitbit's newly updated fitness trackers - the Charge 2 and the Flex 2... 

Fitness & smart watches
Android makes smartwatches even smarter 26 May 2016

You can now reply to WhatsApp messages by talking into your wrist, with a new update to Google Android Wear smartwatches…

Fitness & smart watches
Would you use your Fitbit as a debit card? 23 May 2016

With the news that Fitbit is acquiring Coin, could it be bringing NFC payments to its fitness trackers in future? We investigate…


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