Best running tech for beginners

From keeping track of your health to running a marathon, we can help find the right tech for you.

Want to get started with running? Whether you’re planning to work your way towards 5K or have much grander ambitions of a triathlon and suchlike, we have the right running tech for you.


Want a simple way to keep track of your everyday activities?

Maybe you run for pleasure and just want to make sure you’re getting the daily exercise that you need for a healthy lifestyle. A Goji Go Activity Tracker will help you keep an eye on those everyday activities.

goji go

With Goji Go Activity Tracker you can:

  • Monitor your steps, distance travelled, calories burnt and active time – track in real time and get a daily report
  • Set goals to motivate you to go for a jog and receive alerts when you reach those goals
  • Reflect on your sleep quality – receive reports on your sleep duration and patterns of deep and light sleep
  • Rely on the seven-day battery life of the Goji Go Activity Tracker to keep up with you


Check out the Goji Go Activity Tracker


Ditch the treadmill

Wait for the perfect conditions for your run and you may never make it outside at all. Instead go for the water-resistant Fitbit Flex 2 – and run outdoors whatever the weather.

fitbit flex

With the Fitbit Flex 2 you can:

  • Monitor your fitness around the clock – the ultra-slim band can be worn all day, rain or shine
  • Track your performance – view a breakdown of distance and calories for specific workouts
  • Trust the durability of the Flex 2 as it is sweat and water resistant (up to 100m)
  • Receive discreet updates from your phone – the vibrating function can also be used as a silent alarm
  • Get reminders to keep you moving throughout the day


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From first steps to 5K (and beyond)

Don’t have much running experience or find the idea of getting started overwhelming? A sports tracker will help.Garmin forerunner

A fitness tracker like the Garmin Forerunner 35 will remind you when you need to be more active and could give you a push in the right direction. 

With Garmin Forerunner 35 you can:

  • Measure time, distance and pace while you run – as well as everyday fitness stats like steps taken and calories burned
  • Keep up your motivation – if you haven’t moved in a while the Garmin sends reminders straight to your wrist
  • Monitor heart rate during day and night
  • Keep track of your goals with built in activity profiles and different training modes
  • Stay in touch with call, email and text notifications


Check out the Garmin Forerunner 35


Need some extra motivation? 

You’ve decided you want to be more active but it’s 2 weeks into your regime and you’re flagging. You could really use some extra motivation to help you break through the wall.


The Fitbit Ionic is perfect for boosting your everyday health and tracking your runs – what’s more, with advanced features it can grow with you.

With the Fitbit Ionic you can:

  • Get personalised training – the Fitbit Coach app provides over 40 on-screen workouts
  • Accurately track your fitness and health with inbuilt GPS and the latest heart rate sensors
  • Listen to motivational music – stores up to 300 songs and you can also download music service apps
  • Keep track in the water – water resistance allows you to record swimming at depths up to 50m
  • Stay connected while you exercise – get text, call, email and app notifications straight to your wrist
  • Download third-party apps and make contactless payments using the smartwatch features
  • Keep going with a battery life of four-days


Get the Fitbit Ionic


Training for an ultra-marathon, one day…

You’re starting your running career with big dreams of one day taking part in an ultra-marathon and you want to make an investment in the high-end kit used by serious runners.

garmin forerunner 325

Try a dedicated GPS sports watch rather than a fitness band. The Garmin Forerunner 235 can help with your training – use it to set targets and see how you improve over time.

With Garmin Forerunner 235 you can:

  • Measure distance and pace on or off the treadmill with the built-in accelerometer – which doubles as an activity tracker to monitor your daily steps and calories
  • Download workout plans designed for your level and experience
  • Check your resting heart rate as well as intensity as you exercise with 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • See how you’re doing with charts, graphs and maps outlining your progress
  • Map your route and gradually extend the distance with built-in GPS
  • Stay running at your best with live tracking and audio prompts from Garmin Connect


Get the Garmin Forerunner 235


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