Confused about fitness trackers? We’ll help you get it right

Need music on the go or can’t fit your wallet in your running shorts? Find out which fitness tracker solves these problems with our infographic.

Want to get started on your fitness journey, but don’t know which bit of kit is right for you? We’ve created an infographic that highlights the key things to look for depending on if you’re a fun-runner, a triathlete or just looking for a special Christmas gift.


Which fitness tracker should I buy?

Want to know more?

The Garmin Vivosmart 3 HR keeps you motivated when starting out with alerts and targets as well as up to 5 days battery life.

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The Garmin Vivosport tracks your training so you can set new targets to aim for. 

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The Fitbit Ionic - Leave your wallet behind while you monitor your activities.

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And fear not, for those who want a fitness tracker with a traditional watch-type style there are great options too:

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier - Bust out your workout to music, stay connected and monitor your progress in one go, all with up to 4 days battery life.

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The Huawei W2 Sport 4 - Use smart phone apps and on-the-go-health tracker for fun and fitness at the same time.

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We’ll help you find the perfect fitness tracker this Christmas...