Gadgets to aid New Year fitness regime

This year will be the year, I tell myself. I am no longer going to fall into the delicious traps set by my fridge and biscuit tin. In 2011 I will lose weight and I will get fitter.

In years gone by I might have been armed with nothing more than an underused pair of trainers and a dubious measure of willpower, but this year I’m taking gadgets into my fight against the flab.

Jogging is a great way to get fit. Previous efforts have seen me spend hours on my laptop, plotting the perfect route on Google Maps, only to barely get halfway down my road before running into trouble. I’d either set off in a sprint and blow myself out or get bored and want to turn back.

What I need are some Rocky-style motivational tunes. Thankfully, a modern lightweight mp3 player is much more suitable for the job than an 80’s style Walkman! I’ve already sorted some playlists with beats to reflect the pace I want to go at (quite slow, slow and dead slow) and maybe I’ll even download some old-school samples of Kriss Akabusi telling me to ‘pump it up’...

As if having Kriss reassuring me wasn’t enough encouragement, I have bought a watch which can monitor my heart rate and fitness levels. When I’m on my knees gasping for air I’m sure it’ll be some comfort that I’m slowly getting fitter and my heart is working its socks off.

I do enjoy the feeling of running outdoors with the wind blowing through my hair… except when it’s raining, cold or even icy. Yes, the enjoyment factor does diminish when you fall flat on your face.

Falling over in the snow while out jogging is not my idea of fun

So I have a back up plan for when it gets bleak outside. My girlfriend might complain that I spend too much time gaming, but even she was silenced when I busted out Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for the Xbox and My Fitness Coach: Cardio Workout on the Wii.

It’s all about working up a sweat in your own living room. I just have to make sure I hide the camcorder before I get started on cardio kickboxing or hip shaking with Kinect – I don’t want my missus putting a video of me up on YouTube!

Anyway, she wouldn’t dare anyway for fear of a revenge video. She looks daft when she’s following a yoga session on DVD...

What’s going to keep me going throughout it all? The key will be stepping onto the scales to see how much weight I have dropped.

No more hiding away from the flash of digital cameras at friends’ weddings and birthdays, living in fear of seeing myself bulge unpleasantly on Facebook or in digital photo frames in years to come.

Here’s to a happy, healthier 2011 – all with a little help from my new favourite gadgets.

What’s top of your list of New Year’s resolutions? Do you think gadgets can help you lose weight or is it all about willpower? Comment below…