Hottest new tech in August revealed

Can a TV be art? Samsung certainly thinks so. See if you agree, and meet Canon’s new Instagram-friendly DSLR, in our tech round up…

Samsung's ‘The Frame’ TV

In a nutshell: Simply incredible TV that doubles as a work of art.

Thin, beautiful and chic, today’s TVs are (almost) as much about interior design as they are picture quality.

Samsung frame TV

Samsung now takes this further with The Frame – a top-of-the-range 4K TV that doubles as art when not in use. ‘TV when it’s on, art when it’s off,’ as Samsung says.

Make no mistake, this is a seriously high-end TV in every respect. When watching it, movies will look incredible – rich, detailed and punchy – on its 4K HDR screen. 

Why HDR is the biggest thing in TV

But what makes this TV different is what it does when it’s switched off. Then it goes into ‘Art Mode’ with works of art displayed on the screen.

Created by influential Swiss designer Yves Behar, it looks like a minimalist picture frame itself, and is surrounded by a walnut or natural wood edge. If mounted on a wall among other frames, it’d be hard to tell the difference.Samsung Frame TV

Like Netflix or the latest blockbuster on Sky Cinema, the artworks will look incredible too. Pictures on the screen are made of pixels, and the 4K resolution has 8.3 million pixels – 4 times as many as a Full HD TV. 

And whatever’s on screen looks natural, as the TV recognises when ambient light changes and tweaks colour and brightness.

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Canon EOS 200D

In a nutshell: Smartphone photographers buying their first DSLR will find much to love  

DSLRs are and always have been the camera of choice for professionals and serious amateurs. But for the new generation of Instagram and iPhone photographers, they’ve not been as natural a fit. Canon EOS 200D

The Canon EOS 200 D seeks to address that, with stacks of features designed with the smartphone-trained Instagram photographer in mind as well as more traditional amateurs.

Firstly, it’s the world’s lightest DSLR – more mobile and compact than traditional DSLRs seen as too bulky by many of the new generation of photographers.

It plays nicely with your smartphone and even has a selfie mode – a first for a DSLR. But it’s also packed with the camera features of Canon’s top of the range DSLRs.

With it you can…

  • Shoot rich and detailed images from sunrise to after-dark with the latest light-loving APS-C sensor
  • Fix on your subject with speed and accuracy with the world’s fastest Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus
  • Blur backgrounds in your more arty photographs by controlling the depth of field
  • Share your photos online in no time with your smartphone and the Canon Connect app

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Samsung Galaxy Book

In a nutshell: Powerful tablet that doubles as a premium laptop with superb screen for winding down with Netflix

The Samsung Galaxy Book is one of a number of powerful tablets that can also function as laptops. They’re known as 2 in 1s – find out more about 2 in 1s.

They qualify as laptop replacements by using much more powerful specs than you’d normally find in a tablet, and designing add-on keyboards and digital pens. These keyboards and digital pens are generally sold separately. But Samsung has decided to include them in the price of its Galaxy Book.Samsung Galaxy Book

That aside, it boasts Intel Core i5 processing, SSD storage and other features normally found in high-end laptops. There are two different Galaxy Book options, we’re focusing on the more powerful 12-inch model. 

With it you can…

  • Multitask with numerous apps and programs on the go at once thanks to the Intel Core i5 processor
  • Stream Netflix and craft PowerPoints in impeccable detail on the Super AMOLED screen
  • Scribble meeting notes and annotate webpages with the S Pen digital stylus
  • Work fast with SSD storage that’ll boot your machine and load apps super speedily

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