Hottest new tech in May revealed – Dyson hairdryer and new MacBook

Want the lowdown on the latest tech? Here’s our edit of the gadgets we’re currently loving…

LG’s action cam with super-connectivity

In a nutshell: Capture video and stream it direct to YouTube with LG’s new action cam

Want to shoot videos of your next bike ride, surf or skate from a unique perspective? What if you could stream the footage direct to YouTube – right as it happens?

The LG Action Cam LTE does just that. Attach it to your helmet, board or handlebars and shoot point-of-view.

Start streaming in seconds without fiddling about with your phone thanks to built-in LTE – no need to pair your handset first.

Prefer to shoot and edit later? Record in super-sharp 4K UHD and download your movies via 3G and Bluetooth, or use the USB port. 

Whether you’re on a dirt track or in the ocean, its durable waterproof design (1M depth for 30 minutes) will go the distance. You’ll never forget where your ride was shot either, with built-in GPS and motion sensors.

The LG Action Cam LTE will be available in South Korea first next month, followed by the US and Europe.

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Dyson’s first-ever hairdryer

In a nutshell: World famous vacuum maker launches hairdryer with tiny motor in its handle

Dyson takes the sophisticated design and innovative engineering that made its fans and vacuums world famous and applies to a new product – the hairdryer.

That’s right, the hairdryer.

Of course, being Dyson it’s not just a regular hairdryer. At its heart is Dyson’s digital motor V9 which can spin up to 110,000 times per minute – phewf. 

The tiny motor sits inside the hairdryer’s handle and is as ‘small as a 2 pence piece,’ according to Dyson’s Stephen Courtney. With the motor in the handle, the body of the hairdryer is hollow.

Dyson says these innovations make it ‘faster and lighter’.

Ever get annoyed when your hairdryer gets too hot? Air temperature is monitored 20 times every second with this Dyson. Pretty cool.

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Credit: Dyson

Apple MacBook gets update

In a nutshell: One of the sharpest and smartest laptops gets latest Intel processors and battery boost

When Apple announced MacBook last year it called it ‘the future of the notebook’. 

And with its sleek aluminium finish and 13.1mm-thin design it certainly looked fantastic. The incredibly thin design was down to it not needing a fan to keep itself cool.

From Netflix to text, content looks incredible on its Retina screen – packed with over 3 million pixels.

So what’s new in the updated model? An impressive boost in performance and battery life to add to all the great features of the original.

The laptop should run faster with the latest Intel Core M processor – designed to blend power and portability. Apps and files load quicker too with upgraded flash storage.

Gamers and creatives will benefit from up to 25% faster graphics with Intel HD Graphics 515.

Work on the go? You can now benefit from all-day battery life – 10 hours of wireless web browsing or 11 hours of iTunes movie playback.

What’s more, it now comes in a bling rose gold colour option. Powerful, productive and pretty.

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New high-end Kindle launched

In a nutshell? Who says the e-reader is dead? this latest Kindle makes a convincing case with its best effort yet

What makes a good e-reader? Slim, lightweight design, comfortable to hold and long battery life all rank pretty highly. And this new Kindle Oasis has all of that and more.

For starters it’s the thinnest (3.4mm) and lightest (131g) Kindle ever. It’s more comfortable to hold too thanks to a redesign that makes it feel as though you’re holding a book in your palm.

Words look incredibly sharp on the e-ink display - a black and white matte screen that creates a paper-like experience.

You can switch between your left and right hand when holding your book – the screen can recognise and adapt when you change hands. 

The idea behind it is to make ‘Kindle disappear so you can lose yourself in an author’s story’. Total relaxation.


Credit: Associated Press

HP Chromebook 13

In a nutshell: A slick-looking, Google-powered aluminium laptop for a budget price

If you’re looking for a laptop that’s big on style and small on price this new HP Chromebook is a great option.

It’s perfect for posturing around college – or even the office – thanks to its polished aluminium body. While it’ll take up hardly any space in your bag thanks to its super-slim design (12.9mm thin).

What’s a Chromebook? Just like a normal laptop – except it uses Google’s suite of online services rather than installed software.

So instead of running on Windows, these laptops run on Chrome OS. You’d write reports and draw spreadsheets in Docs and Sheets rather than Word and Excel. 

They have less on-board storage than regular laptops – and their processors tend to be not as powerful. A big bonus is they’re generally cheaper than regular laptops.

This HP model is more powerful than many other Chromebooks thanks to its Intel Core M processor.

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