Hottest new tech in September revealed

Want the lowdown on the latest tech? Here’s our edit of the gadgets we’re currently loving…

Canon EOS M5 – headline-grabbing mirrorless camera

In a nutshell: Canon brings DSLR-like sensor and autofocus tech to its eagerly awaited M5 compact system camera

Canon has got everyone talking about its new camera for all the right reasons. The EOS M5 is Canon’s flagship mirrorless model, and trumps its predecessor the M3 in many ways.

It gets sensor technology until now reserved for Canon’s DSLRs – namely Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which increases the focus area to around 80% of the width and height of the LCD screen on the back of the camera. This will give you better results when photographing or shooting video of moving subjects using the screen as your viewfinder.

The sensor itself is large – an APS-C with 24.2 megapixels to let in lots of light and capture plenty of detail. Continuous shooting gets an upgrade too, going from 4fps (frames per second) on the M3 to 7fps.

The design is DSLR-like – but smaller. There’s a grip for holding steady when shooting by hand, and an electronic viewfinder.

The Canon M5 goes on sale in November and you can pre-order now. Get the Canon M5. 



Amazon Echo speaker simplifies the smart home

In a nutshell: Super-smart personal assistant lets you control your home and organise your life using your voice

It may look like a regular Bluetooth speaker, but the Amazon Echo is so much more. By simply talking to the virtual-assistant speaker you can control your home, stay organised and have fun. Call on Alexa (the brains behind Echo) to link up to your smart devices and she’ll dim the lights and even change the temperature on your thermostat – provided you have the right smart home tech.

The speaker, available from September 29, has Spotify built-in for streaming your favourite playlists – just ask. You can also ask Alexa:

  • to add items to shopping and to-do lists
  • questions you might type into Google
  • for weather and traffic updates 
  • to check your calendar for tomorrow’s meetings 

Equipped with an impressive seven microphones and special tech that cancels out background noise, the Echo can detect your voice from across the room even when you’re blasting out your favourite tunes.

Get the Amazon Echo.


PlayStation launches PS4 Pro in New York

In a nutshell: PlayStation 4 designed for 4K HDR TVs and virtual reality

Revealed at an event in New York’s Times Square, the PlayStation 4 Pro aims to ‘deliver innovation in the form of cutting-edge visuals and graphics,’ according to PlayStation’s Andrew House.  

It has twice the graphics and processing power of a regular PS4, and will give you games that are rich and detailed when played through a 4K television. The PS4 Pro also supports HDR video, a feature on the latest, most advanced 4K TVs.

New PS4 games are being developed to offer extra features when played on PS4 Pro, while older PS4 games are getting a makeover to work with PS4 Pro.

Virtual reality gaming is the next big thing. Later this year you’ll be able to buy a virtual reality headset known as PlayStation VR. The headset will work with the PlayStation 4 Pro, and the regular PS4. 

PlayStation 4 Pro goes on sale in November.


Acer Swift 7 is the ‘world’s thinnest laptop’

In a nutshell: An ultra-powerful notebook that’s less than 1cm thick

Thought laptops had got about as thin as they could now? Think again. Acer’s changing the game by launching a new series of ultra-thin and lightweight Windows 10 notebooks – the Swift 7, Swift 5, Swift 3 and Swift 1. Swift 7 is the flagship of the range, and it’s said to be the ‘world’s thinnest PC’ at just 0.39-inches thick (that’s less than 1cm).

It’s also incredibly lightweight, tipping in on the scales at 1.1kg – you could easily slip it in your bag and not even realise it’s there. Despite being so thin, it’s packs impressive power thanks to a new 7th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor, while everyday computing is a breeze with 256GB SSD and 8GB memory.

Acer Swift 7

A micro-bezel (that’s the frame around the screen) means it has a surprisingly large 13.3-inch screen – great for watching movies and streaming Netflix. Plus anything you watch will look razor-sharp on the Full HD IPS display.

The design is pretty slick too. Swift 7’s sleek aluminium body is finished with a stylish black-and-gold dual tone detail. Don’t let that fool you though – it’s durable, made with tough, scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. Use it on the go with up to 9 hours of battery life, and dual USB 3.1 Type-C ports for charging, transferring data fast and connecting to an external display.

The Swift 7 will launch in October for £1,299.


B&O’s compact-yet-powerful BeoSound 1 and 2 speakers

In a nutshell: A new set of wireless speakers with a signature spherical design for 360-degree sound

The beauty of these Bang & Olufsen speakers is that you can place them anywhere around your home and still experience 360-degree sound – whether that’s up high on a shelf or tucked away on the floor. They’ll even work outdoors.

As well as delivering room-filling sound, the spherical design has been specially crafted for the highest-quality audio – with a gap at the bottom to let out deep bass and another at the top for clear acoustics. Both speakers support Google Cast, DLNA and Bluetooth for playing your music, as well as Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn internet radio.BeO SoundAnd for the ultimate in convenience, they each have built-in proximity sensors that can recognise when you’re in the room – and turn on their touchscreen displays ready for you to start swiping between tracks. So you can forget waiting around for your speakers to power up next time you want to hear a song.

Choose from two options: 

  • BeoSound 1 – great if you’re after a portable, lightweight speaker that runs on a rechargeable battery. Available now for £99
  • BeoSound 2 – if you like you music loud, this speaker is larger and needs to be plugged in to get the best sound. Available in October for £1,350


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