Shoot VR video with Samsung’s Gear 360 camera

With virtual reality set to be one of the big tech themes of 2016, Samsung has come up with a super-smart camera that can record 360-degree footage…

There seems little doubt that virtual reality is set to be one of 2016’s hottest tech topics, with Facebook, HTC and LG all currently working on VR products.

But while some developers are coming up with new ways for you to watch and consume this immersive, 3D content, Samsung is setting itself apart from the pack by allowing you to create your own.

Not only does its Gear 360 camera record still and video VR images in impressively high quality, but it also lets you share your creations easily with friends and family, and view the footage on your smartphone.

We take a closer look at how this incredible gadget works – and show you why it’s set to transform the whole field of virtual reality.

Samsung Gear 

How does it work?

With its lightweight, futuristic design, the Gear 360 may look like something out of the Disney Pixar film Wall-E. But that white sphere on its handy tripod actually houses an impressive camera setup.

It contains two cutting-edge lenses that record up to 195 degrees each, with the final 360-degree image produced by combining the two sets of pictures.

Each camera records images in 15 megapixels at an incredibly detailed resolution, meaning your masterpieces will always look great – especially when viewed on the latest 4K screens.


Smartphone editing

While other similar cameras require you to send your films and photographs to a PC for editing, one of the best bits about this Samsung device is that you can do all that in the palm of your hand.

The Gear 360 can stream images directly to compatible smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7. That means you can watch your creations in real time, moving around the screen to explore different parts of the picture, and share the finished product easily on Facebook.

But of course you don’t have to have your phone to hand to record amazing movies and photos, as you can simply hit the easy-access record button and film straight to a microSD card.

Samsung Gear

Other cool features

Samsung has kitted out its new camera with a range of top-notch features you might find on standard digital video cameras. With it you can:

  • Shoot amazing panoramic still images – no more having to hold your smartphone painstakingly still while trying to capture a 360-degree image
  • Record stunning time-lapse videos. You could set the Gear 360 up outside and record the sunset for some beautiful footage in glorious 3D
  • Use the loop video function to film continuously – great for recording those moments when you don’t want to miss a single thing 

There’s no official release date as yet, although Samsung has said you could be able to buy the Gear 360 later this year.

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