Must-have gifts for tech lovers

Shopping for a tech lover who’s first to adopt the latest trends? Keep them happy with Oculus Rift, Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum and smart home gadgets…


Amazon Echo

Who to buy for? The smartphone addict who loves the idea of a smart home as much as they do streaming Spotify

If the person you’re buying for loves using Siri on their iPhone or saying ‘OK, Google’ to their Android they’ll love the Amazon Echo – the speaker you can talk to. It’s a wireless speaker that has Spotify built-in. It connects to your Wi-Fi and works with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa to respond to your voice.

Plan your day and find out information. When you want to use Echo, just say the name ‘Alexa’ and Echo responds.

Amazon Echo

Ask it for:

  • Your schedule…to plan your day
  • Football scores on a Saturday afternoon
  • Weather forecast for tomorrow or the weekend
  • Make a shopping list or to-do lists for jobs

Did you know? You can also control smart home tech like the Netatmo thermostat or Philips Hue lightbulbs from the Echo with your voice

Get the Amazon Echo


Oculus Rift

Who to buy for? The PC gamer who wants to impress his gaming pals

Virtual reality is the biggest story in town for gamers, and the Oculus Rift is on most of their wishlists.

The Oculus Rift is the VR headset behind the current virtual reality trend, and has been the subject of excitement since first hitting the news in 2012. It was finally made available to buy this autumn.

To use Rift it has to be connected to a powerful PC or laptop. Here’s how it works:

  • Games are streamed from the computer to 2 high-definition screens inside the headset
  • Lenses turn the pictures into 3D, the game unfolding above, below and to your sides
  • When you move your head, the game moves with you thanks to built-in motion sensors

Get Oculus Rift


Canon EOS M5

Who to buy for? Serious photographer in your family who appreciates the best camera tech 

Buying a camera for a photography enthusiast used to mean one thing – a DSLR. But nowadays compact system cameras give you another option. They’re generally smaller than a DSLR but can offer a similar picture quality. The Canon EOS M5 is one of the best around – with some much-loved features from Canon’s larger DSLRs.Canon EOS M5

Such as:

  • Large APS-C sensor with big megapixels for better photos
  • DSLR-like grip and image stabilisation technology 
  • Dual Pixel AF technology only seen in Canon’s EOS D DSLR cameras  

Get the Canon EOS M5


Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum

Who to buy for? Someone with a busy life who loves the latest innovative products  

If you know someone who spends their weekends cleaning because they work full-time, this is the perfect gift. And if they hate vacuuming, they’ll love you even more. The Dyson 360 Eye is Dyson’s first robot vacuum. It’ll do the vacuuming for you while at work. Simply schedule it from its smartphone app.Dyson Robot

It uses Dyson’s high speed Dyson digital motor and 2 tier radial root cyclone technology meaning it delivers twice the suction of any robot vacuum. Its 360° vision system can see a full panoramic view of the room. This ensures it always knows where it is, where it’s been and where it’s yet to clean.

Get the Dyson 360 Eye


Dell XPS 13 laptop  

Who to buy for? Sharply dressed go-getter or arty creative who needs a powerful but stylish laptop

Recent years have seen laptops get slimmer and (dare we say it) sexier but even by these standards the Dell XPS 13 takes some beating. Whether you’re buying for a boardroom-loving exec in a designer suit or a graphic designer hungry for processing power, the XPS 13 is perfect.

We love its:

  • Near borderless screen – a 5mm bezel means maximum screen/minimum frame
  • Compact design - smallest ever 13.3 inch laptop and measures just 15mm thin
  • Incredibly detailed screen with Quad HD resolution (3200x1800) much sharper than HD TV
  • Huge processing power of Intel Core i7 processor – enough for Abode Photoshop, Illustrator and huge Excel files

Get the Dell XPS 13 


Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit

Who to buy for? Techy dads wanting to make the family home smart

Know someone who’d like to use their phone to turn on the light or boil the kettle? The SmartThings starter kit will be right up their street. It’s basically a smart home system in a box. SmartThings works by placing sensors around your home that connect to a hub and your smartphone through your Wi-Fi:Samsung Smart Things

With it you can:

  • Secure doors and windows with the Multi Sensor
  • Know when the kids get home with the presence senso
  • Make your morning brew by attaching a Power Outlet to your plug socket

Did you know? You can also connect other smart home tech like Philips Hue lightbulbs and Bose speakers, to the SmartThings system

Get the SmartThings starter kit


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