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Which Chromecast should I buy? 27 October 2017

Chromecasts are clever little devices, but with a few varieties now out, which is the one for me? Check out our whistle-stop guide to Chromecast devices…

Smart home
Google Home: Everything you need to know 28 March 2017

Stay organised, informed and entertained with Google Home. Just say ‘Ok, Google…’ and the smart speaker does the rest.

Google Home

Smart home
How to keep your smart home safe 10 January 2017

From thermostats to light bulbs – everyday technology around the home is increasingly becoming connected to give you greater control and the opportunity to save energy. 

Here’s how to make your smart home more secure…

Smart home
Smart gadgets your family will love 21 October 2016

Smart tech is transforming the way we heat, light and secure our homes. Help a loved one make their home smarter with these gifts…

Smart home
Make your home smarter with Amazon Echo and Alexa 23 September 2016

Write shopping lists, check your calendar and control your home with Amazon Echo – the smart speaker you can talk to…

Smart home
LG Smart Garden: How Smart tech blossomed at the Chelsea flower Show 26 May 2016

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show plays host to the most beautiful concepts of garden design, but nestled amongst the vibrant blooms and shaded leafy corners, The LG Smart Garden was showcasing something never seen before…

Smart home
Run your home from your… lightbulb? 25 January 2016

Sony thinks tech should blend into the walls, lightbulbs and ornaments of your home. Intrigued? Find out more…

Smart home
Jon Bentley tests: Home automation 23 November 2015

Jon Bentley's testers put some of the best smart home gadgets to the test, find out what they thought.

Smart home
Top 10 greetings that will make your spouse's day 19 October 2015

Imagine walking through the front door as you arrive home from work to hear a bespoke message from your partner playing out to greet you: 'Hello gorgeous, I hope you had a great day at work.' Thanks to smart devices this isn't way off in the future but is actually doable right now.

Smart home
How a smart home can save money on your electricity bills 19 October 2015

In these energy-conscious times anything that helps you cut down on your electricity usage is worth shouting about from the rooftops. One of the key benefits of Samsung's SmartThings range of smart sensors and devices is its capacity to help you be better informed about your electricity usage so you can make smarter decisions and start cutting back.


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