Secure your home in a few simple steps with smart tech

A new generation of IP cameras offers a home security solution with the flexibility and simplicity needed for family life. Read on to find out which one is right for you.

The home is at the heart of family life so it’s important that it is secure. Now you can monitor your home from your smartphone whether you’re inside or away with clever smart security tech that connects to your Wi-Fi.Phone -view -on -street2From heating to lighting, smart tech is making the home more connected – giving you more control and flexibility.

Main benefits of smart security:

  • See what’s happening inside your home when you’re away with an indoor security camera
  • Get smartphone alerts when motion is detected inside
  • Answer the door from your smartphone with a video doorbell
  • Know when doors or windows are opened with sensor technology

Nest Cam

In a nutshell: Indoor security camera that streams footage to your smartphone – made by Google-owned Nest

This indoor security camera from smart home giants Nest will record what’s happening in your home while you’re away. When it detects motion it’ll send an alert to your smartphone and begin streaming video to you. There’s a specially designed app for Android and Apple phones.

The small camera has a sleek, minimalist design so won’t look unsightly in your home. And you’ll be up and running in no time at all with the simple set-up.Nest indoor camWith Nest Cam you can:

  • Place it on a table or attach it your wall or ceiling using the special fitting
  • Detect movement at any pace – i.e. a creeping burglar or a sprinting cat
  • Motion alerts include a screenshot so you can see whether it’s a burglar or the kids getting home
  • See your home with excellent clarity with the option for Full HD recording and see footage after-dark with infra-red night vision
  • Enjoy peace of mind with footage recorded to Google’s secure online cloud storage
  • Detect sound in your home and even speak to people from your phone using the 2-way microphone

Did you know? By subscribing to Nest Aware you can look back at your footage from between 10 to 30 days, as well as enjoying smarter alerts that can differentiate between people and animals

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Nest Cam Outdoor

In a nutshell: Built for all weather conditions and times of day to give you peace of mind.

Now you have your indoor security sorted, what about your garden and outside your home? The Nest Outdoor Cam is completely weather proofed and features night vision, to make sure that rain or shine, night or day, you can be confident that your home and garden is secure.Nest OutdoorThe problem people often face with outdoor security such as motion-sensor lighting, for example, is that the lights can be triggered by anything – even just the neighbours cat. This clever camera not only records in Full HD 24/7, (rather than just at the sight of movement) but it can also differentiate between people and animals, meaning you will only be alerted if there is a real potential threat.

The alerts are smart too. No matter where you are you can get alerts straight to your phone. If you do receive an alert that someone is at your front door, you can talk and listen via the App to get their attention.

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Ring video doorbell

In a nutshell: Your own personal butler – see who’s at the door from your smartphone

If you like to know who’s at the door before answering, the Ring Doorbell will be right up your street. It’s a regular doorbell (albeit a more sophisticated looking one) with a camera built into it. This camera connects to an app on your phone through your Wi-Fi and begins recording when it detects motion – using clever sensors.

Everything you need for installation is in the box (including screws and a screwdriver handle), and set-up is easy once you have downloaded the Ring app.ringWith the Ring Doorbell you can:

  • Get a smartphone alert when motion is detected outside your home
  • See who is stood at the door with video streaming to your phone
  • View your whole doorstep or driveway with 180° field of view and a range of up to 30 feet
  • Talk to visitors on the doorstep through your phone – just push the green ‘talk’ button on the app
  • Speak with people on your doorstep when you’re at work – no more missed parcels from postmen and delivery drivers
  • Clearly see guests visiting at night with infrared recording

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Samsung SmartThings

In a nutshell: Be notified when doors or windows are opened with smart home sensor tech

SmartThings is a system of sensors that you place around your home to make it more secure and easier to monitor.

Samsung makes SmartThings products, but tech from other manufacturers is also compatible.

The sensors connect to your Wi-Fi through a SmartThings Hub with everything controlled through an app on your phone.SmartThings Starter kitWith SmartThings you can:

  • Get notifications on your phone when doors or windows open by placing Multi-Sensors on them
  • Receive an alert on your phone when movement is detected in your home by using the Motion Sensor
  • Know if children open drawers containing medicine/cleaning products/knives by attaching Motion Sensor
  • Know when the children have arrived home from school by placing a Presence Sensor in their school bag

Did you know? The SmartThings Starter Kit includes the hub, Motion Sensor, Multi-Sensor and more

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