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5 signs your oven is on its way out 26 October 2017

Is your oven letting you down? Do you burn more than you bake? Don’t blame the baker, it may be a sign your oven needs replacing…

Small kitchen appliances
Which food mixer should I buy? 24 October 2017

Wondering which food mixer or stand mixer to buy for all your cooking and baking needs? We help you choose…

Kitchen & Home
Are you guest-ready this Christmas? 24 October 2017

Fresh towels and bed linen, a fridge that can handle Christmas and freshly brewed coffee for the morning after. Are you guest-ready this festive season?

Kitchen tech to de-stress Christmas dinner 24 October 2017

Christmas dinner. We love all the trimmings, but not the slog of cooking it. De-stress with the right kitchen tech…

Washing machines & cleaning
Christmas cleaning hacks 23 October 2017

Christmas. We all love spending it with our favourite people, but we don’t love the cleaning that goes with it. Make it easy with our cleaning hacks.

Small kitchen appliances
The Nespresso Vertuo: barista-style coffee in 4 sizes 21 October 2017

Struggling to choose between an espresso machine and a coffee maker? With the Nespresso Vertuo, you can try both…

Kitchen & Home
Not just hot air: The new EU vacuum rules explained 22 September 2017

Buying a new vacuum cleaner? Here’s how the new EU vacuum cleaner regulations will affect your choice of models…

Kitchen & Home
How to cook the perfect autumn warmers 18 September 2017

As the seasons change and we wave a reluctant goodbye to summer, there’s no better feeling than reaching for warming comfort foods. 

Kitchen & Home
Where is air pollution worst – home, office or construction site? 18 September 2017

After finally escaping your stuffy office, you brave your commute and rush past that dusty construction site.


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