Bad hair day? No problem...

We’re not going to try and insinuate that this product will up the odds of you getting a snog at the pub this Friday night. It may not get you that promotion at work and it definitely won’t increase the likelihood of you seeing rock hard abs next time you lift your shirt.

Babyliss Easy Cut1.JPG

What it will do is help you effortlessly maintain a short, even haircut. And it does this magnificently. The Babyliss Easy Cut hair clipper has a rotary blade and surround comb guide that cuts hair in any direction, making it incredibly easy to achieve an even cut in minutes.

Babyliss Easy Cut2.JPG

Better yet, this nifty precision male-grooming tool comes with a precision trimmer for perfecting your sideburns and ‘tache, a storage pouch, comb, scissors and cleaning brush – a full grooming set for the price of a conventional trimmer.