Beat the A to Z of stains with Hotpoint

Red wine, ink – even gravy. Remove over 100 stains with Hotpoint washing machine technology…

Don’t let a spillage spoil your day – Hotpoint can rid your clothes of more than 100 stubborn stains at a cool 20°.

Hotpoint washing machines featuring Direct Injection technology get down to the nitty gritty of the grubbiest stains – from gravy boats to red wine, egg yolk to jam on toast.

The tech creates a stain-busting cleaning foam to deliver a deep, fast-acting clean at 20° keeping colours & fabrics safe – there’s no need to get hot and bothered.

The Hotpoint RSG964JW is one of the washing machines that features Direct Injection tech.

So don’t cancel breakfast in bed for the sake of your sheets or wear your second-best dress for fear of a flying drink. Now, you can save your favourites even if accidents happen.

Hotpoint A-Z of stains

Wash your way through the A to Z of stains with the Hotpoint RSG964JW