Breathe cleaner air with a Dyson Air Purifier

Air pollution is a headache for people living inner city lives. Breathe clean air when you’re at home with Dyson Hot + Cool…

Air pollution is on the rise in our cities. In London it reached a 5-year high this year, amid rising levels of nitrogen and soot across the city. Over 50% of Britons believe current air pollution levels are damaging to healthDyson Hot and cool link

With increasing levels of smog outside, it’s more important than ever to breathe clean air when indoors. That’s where the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link comes in – a fan in the summer, heater in the winter and air purifier all year round.


Can outdoor air pollution get inside?

Yes. Exhaust fumes, tree pollen and other pollution can drift in through open windows and doors. But there’s also pollution lurking inside our homes.


Pets and polish – the rise of indoor air pollution

Our homes are full of potential pollutants you may never have considered an issue, such as…

  • Cleaning sprays and polish
  • Pet dander - dead skin from cats and dogs
  • Gas hobs and cooking
  • Household air fresheners
  • Wood-burning stoves

Cleaning Sprays

Introducing the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link air purifier

Tackle indoor air pollution and get a better understanding of the air quality outside with this Dyson air purifier.


What does it do?

Put simply, it purifies your air to remove pollution and pollen.

Air is sucked in and pulled through a 360 HEPA filter made from glass.

Dyson Filter

What does the filter capture?

Dyson says it removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants from the air – including pollen, bacteria and pet dander. It picks up particles as small as 0.1 microns1

A layer of activated carbon granules captures odours and harmful toxins like paint fumes.


Pushing the clean air out

Once the air has been purified, it’s pushed back out across the room using Dyson’s Air Multiplier™ technology.

With Air Multiplier™ technology, Dyson purifiers project a long-range stream of smooth air. No need for blades. Fan blades chop the air up, disrupting the airflow - the bladeless Air Multiplier™ technology can produce an equally powerful but much smoother airflow.

‘It pushes out air like magic – no blades,’ says one reviewer.


What about allergies and hay fever?

The NHS says as many as 1 in 5 people in the UK are affected by hay fever at some point in their lives. Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen, health officials explain.

The so-called hay fever season lasts from March to October, when trees and grass release their pollen. If pollens from the garden make it inside your home, the Dyson Hot + Cool Link will help remove them from the air.Pollen

The purifier is certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by Allergy Standards Limited. And Asthma UK says air purifiers have helped ‘some people reduce their risk of suffering an attack’.


Night mode

In a recent survey, conducted by Dyson, 88% of people said they slept better with a Dyson air purifier2

In night mode, with its LED display dimmed, it responds to changes in air quality using the quietest settings - capturing allergens and pollutants, such as pollen and auto emissions, and maintaining the ideal temperature for a comfortable night.


Can you monitor pollution?

Yes. You can monitor your air quality using the Dyson app. You can see the air quality inside your home as well as outside. You can also view an air quality report for your home, giving you a longer term view of what’s going on.


Staying cool

Beyond purifying the air, the Dyson is a powerful fan. It uses Jet Focus control to project air across the room or to a specific spot. Can you imagine anything better on a hot summer afternoon? Powerful jets of cool air liberally spread across the room.

And when the autumn rolls around, you can do the same with heated air. The Dyson will warm your room quickly and maintain a steady heat. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link is a product for all seasons, cooling you in summer, heating you in winter and purifying all year round.

If you’re not bothered about having a heater in autumn and winter, you can also consider the Dyson Pure Cool Link desk fan and Dyson Pure Cool Link tower fan for cooling and air purifying.

Ready to breathe cleaner air? Get the Dyson Hot + Cool Link



1. Tested to EN1822

2. Survey results based on sample size of 118 people