Save space with built-in appliances

Want a kitchen that’s clever with both space and style? Maximise your space with built-in appliances…

Washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, cooker hobs and fridges all come in integrated form. These are built-in to your actual kitchen cupboards, giving your kitchen a cleaner, more cohesive look.Built in appliances

Why should I think about integrated appliances?

  • Save counter space – microwaves and ovens can live side by side in your wall
  • Make your kitchen seem bigger – without freestanding fridges or cookers crowding the room
  • Keep your kitchen stylish – whether minimalist or shabby chic with appliances hidden behind units 
  • Open-plan feel for hanging out in the kitchen with family and friends
  • Keep kitchen walkways clear so you don’t have to manoeuvre around awkwardly placed appliances 
  • Free up space for additional kitchen gadgets like coffee machines, juicers and stand mixers
  • Easy to clean – fewer nooks and crannies to get dirty
  • Make your kitchen work better for you - with a built-in oven at eye level so you don’t have to keep bending down


How are integrated appliances different?

They’re designed to fit in smaller spaces, without compromising on the amount of space or number of features. Generally, they’re narrower and shorter than freestanding machines, measuring the same as standard-sized kitchen units. This means they can easily slot into your cupboard cavities and be hidden behind a door matching your kitchen units.


Built-in oven

As well as looking sleek and sophisticated, a built-in oven can really change the way you cook.

Benefits of built-in ovens…

  • place it at eye level – easy to see how your dishes are cooking and less strain taking food in and out
  • mix and match hobs and ovens – you're free to choose the type, model and style of both
  • easy to clean with enclosed design – no more pulling out the cooker

Neff Slide and Hide

Why not try… Neff Slide and Hide oven

Its clever door slides into the bottom of the oven when you open it, so you don’t need to worry about walking into it.

And if your bakes don’t quite go to plan, the oven is super-easy to clean with catalytic liners that turn fat and grease into fine ash.

Get the NEFF Slide & Hide


Integrated hobs

Housed in your kitchen worktops, built-in hobs look fantastic. Plus, you can put the hob where it’s convenient for you as it’s separate to the oven.

Benefits of integrated hobs… 

  • choose between electric, gas or induction – regardless of your oven
  • they’re designed to fit average kitchen worktops, which measure around 60cm (600mm) deep
  • choose a traditional 4 hob, or go for 5 with an added wok burner or fish kettle
  • to maximise worktop space, opt for a model with 2 or 3 hobs

Why not try…Bosch induction hobBosch induction hob

This 60cm hob is a great addition to any kitchen. Much faster than gas or electric, induction hobs generate heat via special magnetic pans. They’re easy to clean because only the pan gets hot, so when it spills over, it won’t get burnt onto the hob.

Get the Bosch induction hob


Fridge freezer

Big, tall and essential – a fridge freezer can be difficult to conceal. Go integrated to blend your most noticeable appliance into your kitchen’s design.

Benefits of an integrated fridge freezer:

  • Often slimmer than freestanding fridge freezers (designed to fit a 60cm gap)
  • Blends into your kitchen’s design by sitting behind cupboard doors
  • All trailing cables concealed
  • Perfect for galley kitchens, where a freestanding fridge could block your walkway
  • Easy to clean – no one likes cleaning down the sides of the fridge

 Why not try… Hotpoint HMCB 50501

Hotpoint HMBC

You get 155 litres of fridge space without sacrificing style using this Hotpoint integrated fridge freezer. It’s space saving too – coming in at 55cm, a few cms thinner than regular fridge freezers.

Get the Hotpoint fridge freezer


Washing machine

Tired of your boxy, not-so-pretty washing machine ruining your oh-so-pretty kitchen? With an integrated washing machine you can shut it out of sight…

Benefits of an integrated washing machine:

  • you don’t need to fork out for a particularly stylish machine – it’ll be concealed most of the time
  • seamlessly blends into your kitchen’s style – a big white washing machine is neither shabby chic nor minimalist
  • they’re often quieter to run as they’re soundproofed by your kitchen cupboards
  • keep your smalls and other delicates out of sight when friends are over – spare your blushes 

Why not try… Beko Select Wi1438

Biko Select

You get the best of both worlds – drum size and discretion – with this BEKO. Pack loads of laundry into its large 8kg drum (about the biggest you’ll get on an integrated machine) then shut your cupboard door and you won’t even know it’s there. The 39-minute quick wash is fab too. 

Get the Beko Select



Wash those dishes right out of your hair with an integrated machine that you can shut away – out of sight, out of mind. 

Benefits of an integrated dishwasher:

  • load up the dishes, shut the door and forget about it ‘til morning
  • slimmer ones free up more space for storage while still washing 10 place settings
  • have the control panel visible by opting for a semi-integrated model 

Why not try… Kenwood KID45S16

Kenwood slimline integrated

We love this slimline integrated dishwasher for its energy efficient performance. As well as being just 45cm wide, it also features technology that uses less water and energy to get your dishes clean.

Get the Kenwood dishwasherbuilt in oven

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