What is an auto-clean oven?

Wave goodbye to the grease, grime and scrubbing pads with an auto-clean oven…

It's dirty, smelly and a drain on your free time. No wonder most people don’t really love cleaning their oven. In fact, it’s the household cleaning task people dislike most, according to Mintel.

So why not wave goodbye to the grease, grime and scrubbing pads with an oven that pretty much cleans itself? An auto-clean oven will need no more than a wipe-down.

It can:

  • Save you time - wouldn't you want to be doing something you enjoy rather than cleaning the oven?
  • Save you money – you’ll spend less on cleaning products and scouring pads with auto-clean


How does auto-clean work?

The ovens feature a pyrolytic cleaning cycle. Simply switch it on and the insides of your oven will be heated up to 500° reducing grease, spills and scraps of dried-on food to a pile of ash.
This can then be simply swept away and wiped with a cloth.

During the cycle the outside of the oven maintains a far lower temperature, and its door is automatically locked with an inbuilt safety lock.

It'll take roughly a couple of hours, and you cannot cook at the same time. You'll still need to clean the glass door manually though - as well as your oven racks.

While this type of auto-cleaning does use more energy, you actually end up saving energy in the long run because the system requires high levels of insulation - making your oven more efficient than standard ovens. You'll also save on oven cleaning products or the expense of professional cleaning.


Choosing the right auto-clean oven

Ready to ditch the marigolds and scrubbing pads? Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, has teamed up with Hotpoint and tested out some of their auto-clean ovens. He says:

"It’s the one job everyone hates. Hotpoint has a load of clever ways to clean your oven with minimal effort – some of these beauties even clean themselves"

However, before you choose the oven you want, you need to choose the right type for your kitchen.


Built-in ovens

If you have a smaller kitchen or prefer a minimalist, seamless style, a built-in oven could be perfect for you. Hotpoint built-in

Built in ovens can also be placed at eye level so you can see how your meals are cooking at a glance, and take food out of the oven more easily.

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Freestanding cooker

Freestanding models offer more flexibility with choices of double or single oven.

Hotpoint DSCP60

If you have a big family, you can opt for a range cooker that gives you up to 50% more space than an average freestanding model.

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