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Brighten up your kitchen with a Bosch Vario fridge freezer 01 November 2017

Ever feel a bit bored with that dull plain look of your fridge freezer? Pick a colour that freshens up your kitchen from the new Bosch Vario range…

Fridges & freezers
Which fridge freezer should I buy? 31 October 2017

Looking for your first-ever fridge-freezer, or one that can handle a Christmas gathering and big family parties? Find your perfect fridge with us…  

Fridges & freezers
How to measure if a new fridge freezer will fit 27 July 2017

Whether you’re first-time fridge buyers or looking for an upgrade to suit a growing family, it’s important to measure up before buying a new appliance.

Fridges & freezers
7 signs your fridge freezer is on its last legs 16 July 2017

Puddles of water, a silent compressor and ice on the walls are all signs your fridge could be on its last legs. Find out what else might mean your fridge is past its sell by date…

Fridges & freezers
Wine cooler or beer fridge – which mini fridge is right for you? 22 June 2017

From garden parties to the start of the new football season, summer is all about entertaining. So which wine cooler or beer fridge is right for you?

Fridges & freezers
What temperature should your fridge be? 21 June 2017

The fridge freezer wins the award for the hardest-working kitchen appliance. Make sure you have it set to an optimum temperature to keep your food fresh and your fridge working.

Fridges & freezers
5 things to think about before buying a fridge freezer 16 June 2017

Whether you’re a busy mum cooking for a growing family or a foodie who wants to keep ingredients in the best possible condition, here are 5 things to consider when choosing a fridge…

Fridges & freezers
Should I buy a smart fridge? 29 March 2017

Entertaining this summer? the Samsung Family Hub fridge is your dream date...

Fridges & freezers
How to defrost a fridge freezer 15 January 2016

Ice building up in your freezer? It’s time to take action. For some tips on how to defrost a freezer, read on…


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