Should I buy a smart fridge?

Entertaining this summer? the Samsung Family Hub fridge is your dream date...


Family Hub

The right fridge-freezer can really take the strain out of everyday life – from shopping and staying organised to summer entertaining. Introducing the Samsung Family Hub: a Wi-Fi enabled ‘smart’ fridge with all manner of clever technology to keep your food fresh and refrigeration options flexible.

Shop smart and eat fresh

Inside the fridge are 3 cameras that take photos of the food inside each time you close the door. You can see the latest of these photos at any time using an app on your smartphone. 

  • Check whether you need milk or something for dinner using the cameras and app
  • Tag food using the touchscreen so you know when it’s reached it use-by-date
  • Pull up recipes on the fridge’s touchscreen and create shopping lists to send to your smartphone 


Can a fridge be smart?

Smart fridges and washing machines first appeared a few years ago. But until recently were dismissed as faddy and lacking in real benefits. Samsung uses the fridge door to show the benefit of smart.


The answer? A very smart fridge door

The fridge door has long been a way of staying organised – a maze of post-it notes, magnets and photos. But as note goes over note, the attempt at organisation becomes – ironically – disorganised.Samsung Family Hub

By making part of the fridge door a touchscreen you can use it as an interactive whiteboard to navigate day-to-day family life.

Use the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator screen to:

  • Send to-do lists and reminders to it from your smartphone
  • Have favourite family photos on display
  • Show your smartphone calendar – know what’s coming up and when
  • Share each other’s schedules
  • Play music while you’re cooking with music streaming and built-in speakers
  • Sync with you and your family’s smartphones


Flexible refrigeration for family life

Smart technology aside, some really clever engineering features keep your food in tip-top condition.

There’s no intermingling of odours between the fridge and the freezer – perfect for home cooks working with strong smelling cheeses, cured meats and fish.

And, you can create custom cooling areas in the fridge thanks to FlexZone – the bottom right door, on the American-style unit, can switch between fridge or freezer with a touch of a button. There are 5 different temperature settings to keep whatever you put in it fresh. 

Regardless of what you keep in your fridge it will be kept at the right temperature and humidity thanks to the Triple Cooling System – it helps your food last longer so less spoilage.

Check out the Samsung American-Style Family Hub Or the regular sized Family Hub

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