Which fridge freezer should I buy?

Looking to buy a new fridge-freezer? We’ll help you find one that suits your lifestyle...

The fridge freezer is the hub of the family kitchen – whether precariously packed with goodies to feed a young family, or scarily neat and ordered for you and your other half.

Samsung Family hub

How big a fridge do I need?

Manufacturers measure the capacity of a fridge in litres. The more litres your fridge has, the more food you’ll get in it. Average family fridges start at around 200 litres, while American-style models reach 400 litres. Read on to find your perfect fridge-freezer…


Young couple decking out first home

You’ve just moved into your first home together and you need to buy everything – from TVs and washing machines to bedding and sofas. It’s proving to be expensive, even though family are helping out where they can.

You’re looking for basic appliances that will get you up and running without breaking the bank. Your house or flat is quite small, and there are no kids running around (yet).

Why not try… Beko CSG1571W


This basic fridge freezer offers plenty of space and good energy-efficiency for young couples on a budget.

The best bits:

  • Save cash for the other things you need for the house
  • Ample space for a couple’s average weekly shop (175-litre fridge/82-litre freezer)
  • Keeps food at the right temperature in both summer and winter
  • Use less electricity and keep bills down with A+ energy efficiency rating 

Get the Beko CSG1571W


Growing family with little spare time

Your life is very busy. You’ve got 2 young children and a job. Your other half works too. Time is precious, so you’re looking for appliances that can make life that little bit easier.

You really cannot be bothered defrosting the freezer, for example. And you want food to stay fresh for longer. Budget is important too. You have a specific amount of cash and you want the best possible fridge for your money.

Why not try… Samsung RB37

Samsung RB37j5330sa


The most popular type of fridge freezer is the tall, free-standing model. They offer plenty of space and can be put pretty much anywhere in your kitchen. 

The Samsung RB37 is a great example of a premium medium sized fridge.

The best bits: 

  • Plenty of room for a weekly shop for a family of 4 (269-litre fridge/98-litre freezer) 
  • Food reaches right temperature fast when unloading shopping with fast-freeze
  • Frost free means never again getting the towels and hairdryer out to defrost the freezer 
  • Be reminded when you, or a little one, leaves the fridge open with the door alarm
  • Say bye to frozen salad and tepid milk with accurate thermostat settings and special chiller cabinet
  • Maintains steady temperature whether it’s hot or cold outside with special cooling system
  • Save some pennies on your energy bill with low energy consumption

Get the Samsung RB37


Empty nesters with more to spend

Your kids are grown up but they still return at the weekends - often with their young children in tow. You’ve recently redesigned your kitchen with the kind of sleek units you’d always dreamed of. And you want sophisticated appliances to complement your style. Extra space would help too. You babysit when you can, and every fortnight the whole brood descends for a family Sunday roast.

Why not try… Samsung RS58K6487SL

Samsung RS58


An American-style fridge freezer is perfect. These are much larger than regular models – with the fridge and freezer side by side, giving you plenty of room to feed the whole family.

This Samsung model looks great too, all sophisticated design and stainless steel to complement your modern kitchen. 

The best bits: 

  • One of our biggest large fridges (395-litre fridge) with lots of shelves/wide door racks for foods and sauces
  • Freeze large homemade lasagnes and pies along with the little ones’ fish fingers and chips, in the 180-litre freezer
  • Food stays fresher for longer thanks to special cooling tech – temperature won’t change by more than 0.5°C
  • Fresh food smells from the fridge don’t crossover into the freezer
  • Frozen food stays in tip-top condition with fast-freeze when putting away shopping 
  • Everything from chorizo and fresh fish, to mixed leaves and meat is kept in perfect condition in the temperature-controlled drawer
  • Enjoy ice and cold water from the fridge’s in-door dispenser 

Get the Samsung RS58K6487SL

Find your perfect fridge-freezer.