Wine cooler or beer fridge – which mini fridge is right for you?

Do you need somewhere to stash a few weekend beers or a cooler to preserve your fine wines? We help you decide…


Want an easy way to store extra drinks alongside your food? A second mini fridge will keep beer and wine cool – and win back valuable shelf space. 

There are a few types made especially for storing drinks at different temperatures. Here, we help you decide which is right for you.


Beer fridge

In a nutshell: Have an ice-cold bevvy on hand for watching the footie with a separate fridge to store your beers

Planning on having the lads around for the football? Or maybe you’re just tired of your other half’s beer cans filling up the bottom shelf of your fridge every weekend.

Whether you’re an armchair fan or prefer to pretend the footie isn’t on at all, have a stash of beers at the ready and avoid fights over storage with a beer fridge.

These mini fridges fit perfectly under a kitchen counter or out of sight in the garage, and keep your drinks nice and chilled. But there are a few things to consider before buying one:

  • What will you be keeping in it? A beer fridge is only designed to store cans of drinks – so you can’t put food in it
  • That also means the fridge will be the same temperature throughout – perfect for storing beer but not so good for wine
  • How much beer do you want to store? These fridges are smallish and designed to sit on worktops – you won’t get many more than 40 cans of beer in one
  • Want to put your beer fridge in the garage? Some models can’t be kept outside


Wine cooler

In a nutshell: More of a wine connoisseur? Try a designated wine cooler to keep your drinks at optimum temperature

These fridges are specially designed to keep your wine in the best possible condition – whether you’re supping Pinot Grigio, Malbec or Prosecco. They’re not for food or beer.

Wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes, with plenty of features depending on the type of wine you like to drink. You can buy coolers solely for storing one type, or go for one that holds red, white and champagne.

Things to consider:

  • How much wine do you want to store? An integrated model that fits underneath your worktops can hold around 40 bottles – while a taller, freestanding wine cooler will have space for more than 200 bottles
  • Red, white or both? Red wine should be cellered at a different temperature to white wine – store both side by side with a cooler with dual-zone cooling
  • Storing lots of different-sized bottles? Go for one with adjustable shelves that roll out for easy access
  • If your wine is shaken even slightly its taste can be affected – enjoy your wine as it’s meant to be tasted by opting for a cooler with anti-vibration technology

Tip: Whichever type you choose, your wine will be stored horizontally, preventing the cork from cracking and air entering, which can damage the wine.

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Or go for a second fridge…

Want somewhere to put party food as well as your beer and wine? You probably need a second fridge. These are great if your family fridge is full and you need some extra space for parties. 

Things to consider:

  • Where are you going to put it? Each fridge freezer has a temperature range it works within – so if you want to store it in the garage make sure you choose a fridge that’s suitable for outbuildings
  • How much do you want to spend on it? You’ve already got one fridge so the second one only really needs to be a basic freestanding model

Running costs – fridge freezers are quite costly to run. Keep yours at the right temperature (between 0c and 5c) to boost its energy efficiency

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