Practical tips for small kitchens

By using space-saving tricks and built-in appliances you can create your own small but perfectly formed kitchen…

Small kitchens can be difficult to manoeuvre in, especially if you’re a cookbook hoarder or like to use every pot and pan you own. Don’t let lack of space hold you back - make it work by using clever space-saving tricks and specially-designed appliances.

You won’t need to break the bank to create a small but perfectly formed kitchen either. Some savvy investments can make your money and space go a long wayIf you’re a gadget lover, choose appliances that work harder

Neff slide and hide oven and microwave

Combination appliances mean you only need one in place of 2 or 3 different devices, saving valuable space in your kitchen. An all-in-one microwave, oven and grill works hard to earn its keep. This NEFF built-in combination microwave has 14 automatic cooking and defrosting programmes, so you can do everything from simple cheese on toast to roasting a chicken rotisserie-style.

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Some appliances are specifically made for space-saving, like the Neff Slide & Hide electric oven. Its innovative door slides underneath the oven so you can still move around your kitchen while the oven door is open.

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Creating space to host in a small kitchen

Just because you’re confined to a miniscule kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have your friends and family round for dinner. To play the perfect host, think about investing in a:

  • Drop-down kitchen table that attaches to the wall and can be folded flat against it when not in use
  • Skinny fridge that uses height rather than width to pack in groceries. Store wine bottles too with the clever wine rack in this Beko integrated fridge freezer
  • Slim dishwasher that's 15cm narrower than a full-size model but can still do 10 place settings in a single load. Try this Hotpoint

Smaller kitchen

Home chefs can still be hands on when you cook

Preparing food in a small kitchen can be frustrating - not enough space to chop and peel, with dirty pots and pans piling up. Make sure you create as much space as you can by making use of:

  • an over-the-sink chopping board – which cleverly transforms your sink into a food prep area
  • deep-pan drawers, pull-out larders or corner carousels – which all give you easy access when you need it
  • freestanding storage shelves with a block top – which provides extra storage and worktop space

Once your small kitchen is, why not add a few classy touches. Check out our 10 tips to make a tiny kitchen look stylish

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