10 ways to make a tiny kitchen look stylish

From clever colour schemes to space-saving storage solutions, follow our tips for making your tiny kitchen trendy…

A lack of space doesn’t have to mean a lack of style. You just need to be a bit more ingenious with what you do have. You don’t need to spend a fortune either - a lick of paint or a bit of a de-clutter can do wonders. Get some inspiration from our tiny kitchen upgrade ideas…Small Kitchen

1. Paint it white

It sounds simple but colour is a great way of giving your kitchen appeal – however big or small it is. Award-winning artisan bear-maker Jasmine Gladstone says: ‘Use white to make the space feel cleaner and larger.’

Use white-painted walls to:

  • Reflect light for a more spacious feel
  • Banish borders between walls and ceilings that can create a more enclosed feeling


2. Add splashes of colour

You can offset your white walls by choosing colourful appliances, crockery, cookware and other accessories. 

Easy toymaker, Gillian Maher of Sootie Limetree, says, 'You can also add pops of colour in unexpected places, like painting the inside of your cupboards. Mid-century modern shades (think a little bit Mad Men) with brass accents are extremely popular right now, and never really go out of style.’


3. Coordinate with cool kettles and toasters

Once you have your colour scheme sorted, find kettles and toasters to match. We love this retro-vintage toaster and jug kettle from Russell HobbsRussel Hobbs

Give your kitchen some vintage chic with their iconic shapes and classic colour scheme. Plus, the kettle can boil a cup of water in just 45 seconds and the toaster has independent controls for each slice.

Ready to go retro? Get the kettle and the toaster


4. Stay organised with old-school chalk

Wish list-making was a breeze? And tired of never being able to find a pen? 

Paint the inside of a cupboard door with chalk paint and you’ve got an amazing noticeboard that takes up zero wall space. Gillian at Sootie Limetree says: ‘Alternatively, you could paint on the cupboards themselves, but you might find you spend more time doodling on them than actually doing any cooking.’


5. Make a statement with a retro fridge

The fridge is the biggest appliance in your home – so the smaller your kitchen is, the more it’s going to stand out. Go for a stylish fridge to make a statement in a tiny kitchen

You can give your kitchen a retro makeover with the iconic curvy, colourful Smeg fridgeSmeg

6. Add a stylish coffee machine

While you may not have room for loads of gadgets, a compact coffee machine will give your kitchen a luxurious feel – without taking up too much valuable counter space.

For barista-style coffee, the Nespresso CitiZ will look effortlessly minimalist on your sideboard in black and chrome.Nespresso Magimix

7. Hang your pans and jar your pasta

Stuck with limited cupboard space? Hang pots and pans from your wall for a shabby chic country kitchen look. You can buy rails to mount on your wall and s-shaped hooks to hang your pans from.


Gillian at Sootie Limetree says: ‘Make it a feature by painting the wall in a bright colour (but use a gloss or semi-gloss paint, as it'll be easier to clean).’

Another space-saving option is to store your pasta and rice on shelves in Kilner jars – the perfect addition to a retro kitchen.

Get the 31 piece set

You can also use the jars to create Instagram-worthy lunches. Colourful, healthy salads are a breeze with ‘courgetti’ in the Kenwood spiralizer


8. Get a clever folding table

Small kitchens and dining tables generally don’t mix. But having a tiny kitchen shouldn’t stop you from being able to sit down to a meal, right?

And now you can thanks to this clever fold-down table from Ikea. The table attaches to your wall, and when not in use it folds down flush against the wall.

Bear-maker Jasmine says: ‘This table is great for maximising your kitchen space – whether an impromptu breakfast or sorting the bills.’


9. Build your oven into your cupboards

A freestanding oven can take up a lot of space – especially if you don’t need all of those hob plates. Getting a built-in appliance means you can put your oven wherever you like and have a separate hob, so your kitchen can work better for you, whatever its dimensions.

This Beko Select Electric Oven has room for all your favourite dinners with a huge 82 litre capacity and integrated grill.


10. Liberate your worktops of clutter

Kitchen worktops are known for accumulating clutter – spice racks, oils and vinegars, crockery that won’t fit in your cupboards. Reclaim your worktops with:

  • Easy-to fit shelving mounted on your walls, like the stainless steel Grundtal from Ikea – position several together on a single blank wall for an arty look
  • Magnetic spice jars to stick on your fridge – chuck out the spice rack and make your fridge earn its keep

Feeling Inspired? Find stylish kettles and toasters for your kitchen.