5 gadgets no student kitchen should be without

Here are the essential kitchen gadgets you need for your student digs.

Student kitchens

1. Kettle

In a nutshell: Essential for endless cups of tea and so much more – from ramen noodles and Pot Noodles to jelly shots for nights out

If you expect to be rushing from home to lectures at the last minute, invest in a kettle with enough wattage to deliver your morning brew in no time, and one that clearly shows the water level so you don’t waste money on electricity by boiling more than you actually need.Logik jug kettle

Did you know? You can save on heating bills by using your kettle to fill up a hot water bottle to keep you snug and warm instead of turning up the thermostat.

Brew up with the Logik jug kettle


2. Toaster

In a nutshell: Toast and tea is perfect fodder for late night revision sessions – get one that’s the best thing since sliced bread  

Look for a toaster with extra wide slots to fit bagels and waffles as well as thick bread. A defrost function is also useful so you don’t have to go without breakfast or a post-clubbing snack if you’ve forgotten to take a loaf out of the freezer.Logik toaster

Did you know? With toaster bags, you can make the easiest toasted sandwich ever. Cheap and delicious, it’s the ultimate student food.

Make tasty toast with the Logik 4-slice toaster


3. Microwave

In a nutshell: Microwaves are about more than junk food. Enjoy nutritionally balanced ready meals and steam fresh veg – or reheat last night’s pizza

Novice cooks can make life easier with a microwave with auto cook programmes for specific foods such as jacket spuds and popcorn (for movie nights). Power of 900 watts or above will cook quickly, evenly and efficiently. Generally speaking, the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking time. If you’re short of space, opt for a sleek, compact design.Kenwood Microwave

Did you know? Healthy types can transform their microwave to steam fresh vegetables and fish with a Sistema steamer container

Save time with the stylish Kenwood K25MMS14


4. Coffee Machine

In a nutshell: Whether it’s been a late night from hitting the dancefloor or the books, coffee is the answer. You deserve better than instant.

Find a coffee machine that’s easy to use so you don’t have to be a qualified barista to handle it. Choose one that uses capsules or pods as this takes much of the effort out of making a quality coffee – and offers lots of choice, whether you fancy a mid-afternoon macchiato or Americano with breakfast.Doce Gusto Jovia

Did you know? Lots of coffee machines in our range have pods so you can make hot chocolate and flavoured tea as well as coffee

Wake up to the Dulce Gusto Jovia coffee machine


5. Blender

In a nutshell: Homemade green juices are the perfect tonic for the morning after the night before. Great for making soups too.

If you’re all about healthy eating and clean living, you’ll want to whip up juices that taste great, are easy to make and, of course, look good on Instagram.

To make juices and smoothies packed with goodness, look at models that have powerful blades that can also blend nuts, seeds and vegetables into liquid. A pulse function is also worthwhile as it uses short bursts of power to blend so you can get the perfect consistency without second guessing.Nutria Ninja

And if you’re moving into a student kitchen, you’ll want something small and compact for your limited worktop space.

Did you know? You can use your gadget to make blended cocktails with crushed ice to bring a touch of class to your student house parties.

Choose the blender that's right for you

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