5 gadgets no student kitchen should be without

Here are the essential kitchen gadgets you need for your student digs.

Without wanting to point out the obvious, there are some kitchen gadgets you need to invest in before you head off to university. Here we go through the 5 kitchen gadgets you will probably need, and reasons you didn’t know you needed them for!

1) Kettle


Obvious reasons you need it:

  • Brewing tea
  • Cooking pasta
  • Making a pot noodle

Less obvious reasons it’ll come in handy:

  • Filling up your hot water bottle, when you don’t have the cash to pay your heating bill
  • Boiling water to make jelly for jelly-shots for the house warming party
  • Boiling water to clean the hardened jelly off the kitchen floor the morning after the house warming party

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2) Toaster


Obvious reasons you need it:

  • Making toast

Less obvious reasons it’ll come in handy:

  • Cooking pop tarts, a great hangover cure.
  • Get some toaster bags, and make the easiest toasted sandwich ever. Cheap and delicious – ultimate student food.

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3) Microwave


Obvious reasons you need it:

  • Cooking ready meals
  • Defrosting frozen food
  • Reheating leftovers

Less obvious reasons it’ll come in handy:

  • Make a mug cake. There are loads of recipes on the internet for cakes you can make in a mug. Perfect for those late midnight snacks.
  • Clean your sponges: Soak your smelly sponges in lemon juice or white vinegar and microwave for 1 minute. Just make sure you let it cool, it’ll be hot when it’s done.
  • Heat up your socks on cold winter nights for toasty toes (make sure they’re clean!)

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4) Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Obvious reasons you need it:

  • To make coffee for when you are hungover, and need to be wide awake for your morning lecture
  • To make coffee at 3am whilst you are cramming for your final exams

Less obvious reasons it’ll come in handy:

  • Making coffee to go into a coffee cocktail for one of your house parties. Caffeine + Alcohol = perfection. View some of our favourite coffee cocktail recipes here.
  • Bribing your housemates. Surprise your housemates with coffee and breakfast in bed in exchange for doing your chores, or helping you with an assignment.
  • Hot chocolate – loads of the coffee machines in our range have pods that allow you to make hot chocolate as well as coffee. It’s just nice to have different options!

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5) Blender


Obvious reasons you need it:

  • Making soup, a fantastic way to use leftovers
  • Making smoothies, a fantastic way to get in your 5 a day

Less obvious reasons it’ll come in handy:

  • Making blended cocktails. Your house parties will become legendary when you show off your bartending skills.
  • Save money by making your own dips and salad dressings in your blender – they taste better too!
  • Use the blender to drown out the sound of *ahem* noisy housemates, whilst making yourself a nutritious snack.

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