Clever kitchen gadgets for heathy eating

Clean eating can be hard work. Make life easier by creating healthy and delicious meals with our clever kitchen gadgets.

The clean-eating craze is all about eating nutritious, unprocessed foods to make you healthier and boost your energy. It’s not just another diet fad or Instagram hashtag, it’s a lifestyle.Healthy food

With warmer weather and lighter evenings, now is the perfect time to get serious about eating healthier. Here are our 6 favourite kitchen gadgets to make eating better easier:



Spiralising has inspired a whole new way of cooking. It’s a brilliant way to put a healthy twist on classic favourites by replacing carbs with vegetables.


What is a spiraliser?

A spiraliser is a type of food processor that creates ribbons of your chosen vegetables. This effect can also be created using a julienne peeler, but spiralisers do the hard work for you and in half the time.

Courgette, carrots, cucumbers, butternut squash and even parsnips spiralise well. Try courgetti-spaghetti spag bol, or squash-oodles in a stir-fry. Parsnip fries can even be a tasty substitute for chips! 


We recommend: Kenwood spiralizer

  • Durable stainless steel blades slice all types of fruit and vegetables
  • Create Pappardelle and Linguine with the two spiralising cones
  • Easily transfer vegetables from the 0.5 litre container
  • No fuss cleaning – all parts are dishwasher safe

Get the Kenwood spiralizer



Grilling is well known as a healthy alternative to frying food in a pan. This is partly because you don’t need any oil to coat the grill and partly because it removes excess fat, preventing it from being reabsorbed during cooking.  

But it’s not just for meat and fish. Did you know that grilling also helps vegetables retain more of their vitamins and minerals?

For summer cooking, an indoor grill is much less of a faff than a proper barbie, but still gives you those mouth-watering grill lines. To lower your salt intake, season your ingredients with lemon juice or garlic instead of salt or pre-mixed seasonings.George Foreman

We recommend: George Foreman Family Grill

  • Feed the whole family by cooking up to 4 portions at a time
  • Sloped grill drains away fat and grease for easy cleaning
  • Versatile grilling - the floating hinge adjusts for food thickness
  • Save cupboard space by storing the grill vertically

Get the George Foreman Family Grill

If you’re struggling for clean-eating recipe ideas, 15-21 May is National Vegetarian Week. Get involved and get free recipe ideas straight to your inbox by signing up to the newsletter.



Official guidelines say you should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Often that’s easier said than done.

Blenders are one of the best ways to get more vitamins, nutrients and fibre into your diet. Plus, they’re great for sneaking fruit and veg into kids’ snacks. Easily whip up smoothies, mousses, dips, soups and spreads, such as Gazpacho and houmous.

Here are 5 summer snacks made easy with a blender


What is NutriBullet?

NutriBullet is the favoured blender of clean-eaters. It’s USPs include its compact size, simple use and incredible nutrient extraction powers (basically they liquefy almost any ingredient, including the skin, pith and pips, to lock in all the nutrients and fibre).Blender by NutriBullet

One of the best things about the NutriBullet is that the attachable container doubles as a cup, so you won’t make a mess of your kitchen trying to pour your smoothie into a glass or travel container.

We recommend: NutriBullet Pro

  • 900 W motor copes easily with tough seeds, stems and skins
  • Easy clean – the cups are dishwasher safe and the blender just needs a rinse in warm water
  • Pop on the mess-free flip top lid to enjoy your drink on the go 
  • Look up your fave ingredients with the handy Pocket Nutritionist glossary

Get the NutriBullet Pro


Air fryer

Eating healthily doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love. And there are some fantastic shortcuts to making occasional treats a little more guilt-free. 

Air fryers are a great gadget for cutting down the amount of fat and oil in your cooking. They use circulating hot air rather than boiling oil to cook food, so you can make delicious chips, meat and fish without submerging it in a vat of oil.


What is ActiFry?

Tefal’s Actifry is one of the most popular low-fat fryers. The Actifry is probably best known for using 1 spoonful of oil to make crispy chips that have just 3% fat.Tefal Actifry

As well as making food much healthier, it’s also much easier and safer than a deep fat fryer, with automatic timing, temperature control and stirring.And it doesn’t just make chips – you can cook pretty much anything. Be inspired by the Actifry recipe app. 

We recommend: Tefal ActiFry Express 

  • Feed up to six people with the 1.7 litres capacity 
  • Cook fresh and frozen foods with just one spoon of oil
  • Scratch-resistance bowl, lid, spoon and paddle are all dishwasher-safe
  • Hands-off cooking – no need to stir, it’ll even turn off automatically at the end of cooking

Get the Tefal ActiFry Express


Food processor

Keep up your motivation to eat clean by mixing up your meals and making things a bit more interesting. 

A food processor is a hugely versatile kitchen gadget that takes the hard work out of food prep. Chop, blend, whisk, and slice your way to a delicious dinner without lifting a finger.

It’s a great way to cook from scratch without all the hassle, and using fresh ingredients means you can control exactly what goes into your food.Kenwood Multipro

We recommend: Kenwood Multipro 

  • Space-saving design so it won’t take up half your kitchen
  • Comes with accessories including dough tool, whisk, chopping blade, slicing and grating disks
  • 2.1-litre bowl and a 1.2-litre glass blender for family-size meal prep
  • Stainless steel parts that are dishwasher-safe and stay sharp

Get the Kenwood Multipro food processor



Steaming is quick and easy, retains vitamins and minerals in veg, maintains freshness and lowers cholesterol.

And yet steaming is known as the boring way to eat healthily. Sure, plain steamed chicken and veg is boring. But steaming doesn’t have to mean zero flavour. 

It’s really easy to infuse flavours into meat, fish and vegetables by adding citrus and herbs to the water. And although a pat of butter would taste delicious, top with lemon juice, garlic or even houmous for next level taste.Logik Steamer

We recommend: Logik Steamer

  • 9 litre capacity over 3 tiers to cook a whole meal in one
  • pSteam pots are dishwasher safe for less washing u 
  • Timer makes it easy to steam to perfection

Get the Logik Steamer

If you want to go all out, try a specialist steam oven – like this Bosch Compact Electric Steam Oven, which boils a pool of water in the oven chamber to create steam.

See our range of small kitchen appliances for more gadgets to help your healthy lifestyle.