Kitchen tech to suit your style

Whether you're going for sleek minimalist or retro chic, we have plenty of tips, tricks and appliances to give your kitchen a style overhaul.

Revamping your entire kitchen can feel like a huge job – and an expensive one at that. Instead of spending thousands of pounds on fresh cabinets and endless hours agonising over seemingly identical colour swatches, there are much cheaper and simpler ways to give the heart of your home a makeover.

Breville Curve toaster 

Choosing a look

It’s very easy to get lost in a maze of Pinterest boards when you’re looking for design inspiration. Choosing designs and appliances is much easier when you’ve settled on a base style - whether it’s retro or ultra-modern, rustic or high tech, this is a good place to start if you’re feeling a little lost with where to begin.


Go Retro

Retro and vintage fashion is booming at the moment, so there is limitless choice to what you can do if you want to turn your kitchen into a 50s or 60s throwback. Think:

  • Distressed, shabby-chic furniture
  • Pastel colours mixed with off-whites
  • Curved edges and shapes
  • Floral accents and accessories

Give your kitchen a touch of retro chic and whip up some super-tasty bakes with the KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer

KitchenAid Artisan

Up-cycling furniture

The best thing about a retro kitchen is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on brand new cupboards and accessories. A great way to infuse this style is to repaint furniture you already have in cream or pastel colours. You can also pick up cheaper second-hand furniture at vintage markets and get creative with new upholstery.



If sleek and simplistic is more your style, you can create your own modern look that echoes the cosmopolitan edge of a New York loft. The minimalist kitchen style is great for those who take a no fuss approach to their space. Think:

  • Uncluttered surfaces
  • Angular shapes and appliances
  • Clean lines and chrome accents
  • Light and dark contrast

Make barista-style coffee with an eye on the style of chic Italian cafes with the Delonghi Dedica EC680M Coffee Machine

Delonghi Dedica

Add a splash of colour

Create a dramatic effect by adding a pop of colour to offset the white walls and black surfaces of your minimalist kitchen. Try choosing appliances with bold colours to add a unique twist, or even spray metal stools with glossy paint.


Colourful Kitchens

You can instantly change the look of your kitchen by adding fresh colour. This is a great way to energise your kitchen in-between saving up for a full redecoration. A few clever tricks can make the space feel new again, including adding bright appliances and painting your cabinets.

  • Pastels: These are great for bringing subtle colour into your kitchen. The delicate shades mean that you can use more of them without your space looking too overbearing.
  • Bold and bright: Excellent for making an impact - but use sparingly to avoid headaches! These colours work best on accessories such as kettles and toasters.

Give your worktop an artistic accent and make perfect toast with the Morphy Richards Accents Toaster

Murphy richards accents 

Final Touches

So, you have all your appliances, there’s plenty of colour and you’ve achieved your base style – what next?

  • Plants: These bring freshness and colour to your kitchen. Include a touch of nature by displaying potted herbs or house plants.
  • Decorations: Fill unused shelf space with vases, bowls and ceramics. Create a stunning effect with your accessories by mixing textures and materials.
  • Personal additions: It’s your space so don’t be afraid to get creative; hang some handmade bunting, stick pictures on the fridge and put up framed prints.

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