What is an air fryer and how does it work?

Crave chips without the deep frying? Air fryers use just 1 tbsp of oil per kg of spuds – and they’re perfect for cooking salmon and chicken wings for your summer parties…


The evolution of frying at home 

Just because you have a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to go without the occasional treat. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make chips with the crispiness and deep-fried taste you love but with a lot less guilt? You can with an air fryer.


What is an air fryer? 

The air fryer is an electrical gadget that circulates superheated air around your food. If you’re cooking chips, for example, you put in about 1 tablespoon of oil for 1kg of sliced potatoes.


How do they work?

The machine helps the oil coat them thinly – there’s not enough oil to saturate your spuds. Circulating hot air cooks and crisps your chips to perfection. No more submerging your chips into deep vats of fattening oil.

Healthy frying

The hot air system cocoons your food in heat, cooking it evenly. While the stirring paddle keeps it moving so there’s no need to shake or stir. Hand-free cooking at its finest, leaving you to do more important things.


But they’re not just for chips

From curries to tapas, air fryers like the Tefal ActiFry can fry a variety of foods with much less fat and oil. Meat, fish, even puddings can all be whipped up. Think coated chicken wings, salmon fillets with pesto and stir-fry prawns. There are loads of tasty recipes to choose from when you download the My ActiFry app.


What are the health benefits of air frying?

Using 80% less oil to cook your food means a big reduction in fat intake:

  • A 300g portion of traditional deep-fried chips packs 37g of fat
  • A 300g portion of chips cooked in an air fryer contains just 9g of fat

Chips will never be a low-calorie choice but you can make them healthier by reducing the amount of fat

Ready to air-fry? Why not try…Tefal ActiFry Plus 

Quick to heat up, accurate temperature, and hot, crisp chips. Telfal ActiFryers have got it all. It’s ready to cook in just 3 minutes, and uses a tiny amount of oil (14ml) per batch. Tefal Actifry

As well as chips it’s great at cooking things like scampi, and super-easy to use too:

  • Click the cooking pan into place and fold down the handle
  • Slide the stirring paddle on (if you’re using it – a must for chips)
  • Put 1kg of sliced, dry potatoes in the pan
  • Add 14ml of oil with the measuring spoon that comes with it
  • Set the timer for 40 minutes

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Cooking from your smartphone

What about frying chips from your phone? You can control your Acti-Fry from your smartphone with the Acti-Fry XL Smart.Actifry Smart XL

It’s controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet and connects by Bluetooth. You simply choose a recipe from the app, put in your ingredients, and tell the air fryer via the app to start cooking.

It can hold up to 1.7kg of food, giving you the capacity you need to cook low-fat meals for the whole family. 

Get cooking the smart way


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