Which coffee machine should I buy?

Choosing a coffee machine is like buying a pair of jeans – it’s got to be the right fit. Find out which machine fits your lifestyle…

Choosing a coffee machine is a personal thing. It’s a bit like buying a pair of jeans – you want them to suit your style, shape and budget.

Likewise your chosen coffee machine will depend upon the coffee you like to drink, in what circumstances you’ll be drinking it, and how much money you want to spend.

Read on to find out which type of coffee machine is right for you…



The working parents  

In a nutshell: Your mornings are chaotic, and you want a coffee that can roll with your hectic lifestyle – simple, speedy and tasty

Mornings are the busiest time in your house. There are the kids to get up and off to school, breakfasts to be made and work shirts to be ironed.

If you’re going to make the 08:02 train you’ve little time for faffing around with coffee machines. 

However, with a pod coffee machine you can enjoy a barista style coffee at home. The pods are filled with premium coffee for the very best drink.

How do pod machines work?

Your coffee is bought separately in little plastic capsules. Pop a capsule in your coffee machine, press down the lid and push the button.

Benefits of a pod machine:

  • You can get a coffee under way in seconds
  • Choose from 30 kinds of different coffees – from espresso to caramel latte, macchiato to Americano
  • The coffee is in a pod, so spillages are minimal – it’s mess-free
  • Adjust the water temperature to create fresh ice teas in the summer

A pod machine we love: Krups Dolce Gusto Piccolo


The serious coffee connoisseur

In a nutshell: You seriously know your beans and want a machine befitting of a professional barista

Coffee culture has been ‘a thing’ since the days of Central Perk.

But as time has passed coffee lovers have become increasingly sophisticated about what they drink: single origin coffee, artisan independent coffee roasters and new trends like cold brew.

To replicate this kind of coffee seriousness at home you need an espresso machine.


How do espresso machines work?

Hot water is forced through ground coffee using a motor-driven pump. You can create frothy coffee with the steam the machine creates.

Benefits of an espresso machine:              

  • Control how much water and coffee is used to brew your perfect cup of espresso
  • Enjoy that authentic barista experience
  • Experiment with speciality coffees from artisan roasters
  • Create cappuccinos and lattes using the steam arm

An espresso machine we love: Delonghi EC271 Espresso Pump Coffee Machine


Coffee and cake gossipers  

In a nutshell: You love going for coffee with the girls for a gossip over a latte. You want to recreate the same experience at home without the mess

You’ve long spent lazy afternoons in your favourite high-street coffee shop with your friends – sipping caramel lattes and picking at delectable cakes while putting the world to rights.

Over the years, it’s become a ritual. But what about recreating the same vibes at home? With as little hassle and faff as possible?

You need a bean-to-cup machine.


How do bean-to-cup machines work?

You pour whole coffee beans into your machine and it grinds them as it makes each cup. The built-in grinder makes these machines larger.

Benefits of a bean-to-cup machine:

  • Easy to use – create your favourite coffee at the push of a button
  • Create cappuccinos by choosing model with automatic frother
  • While it makes coffee you can get on with other jobs – great for busy households
  • Every coffee you make has freshly ground beans

A bean-to-cup machine we love: Delonghi Magnifica S ECAM 22.360.S


Office coffee fixers

In a nutshell: Your working day doesn’t start till you’ve had your caffeine fix. You want a machine that gets the morning coffee routine down to a fine art

Office code says no one should disturb you until after the coffee’s brewed.

Every day you and your bleary eyed colleagues trail in fresh from the commute – all in search of your caffeine injection. So why not take the hassle out of mass coffee rounds?

Go for a filter machine that doesn’t even require you to boil the kettle.


How do filter machines work?

Water is heated and drip filtered through ground coffee at the top of the machine. Once it’s brewed the jug sits on a hot plate to keep it warm.

Benefits of a filter machine:

  • Uncomplicated way to make coffee for lots of people at once
  • Coffee on tap – most have a keep-warm function so you can top up your mug all morning
  • Tackle your email inbox while it makes the coffee for you
  • Easy to clean the filter when you’re done

A filter coffee machine we love: Delonghi Distinta ICMI211.W

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