Smart tech belongs in the kitchen too

From the weekly food shop to cooking, and laundry days to staying organised. Find out why smart tech has a place in your kitchen…


Replacing your kitchen appliances and want them to last as long as possible before becoming obsolete? Now’s the time to start smartening up your kitchen.


Why now?

The first smart kitchen tech was generally seen as gimmicky –looking pretty fancy but offering little value. Now that smart homes as a whole are becoming more popular, it’s easier to see how smart tech can really make a difference in the kitchen.


Lighten your laundry load with smart washing machines

Keeping up with the constant supply of dirty laundry can be a full-time job. Thankfully, smart washing machines like Samsung AddWash use useful tech to make laundry a bit easier.Addwash

  • Never miss a stray sock – pause the cycle and add in forgotten items through a small hatch in the main door.
  • Don’t leave washing in the drum – smartphone alerts tell you the cycle has finished so you can unload promptly (or have someone else do it).
  • Forget the manual – detect and diagnose faults with your smartphone app using Smart Check. No more head-scratching.

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Can a fridge be more than just a fridge?

The answer is yes, it can. Smart fridges have a multitude of cool features, as well as being supremely practical. The Samsung Family Hub has a huge touchscreen in its door that can keep your family (and your food) organisedSamsung Family Hub

Use the Family Hub to:

  • Know when you’re running low on milk – fridge cameras take photos of food each time you close the door. 
  • Get expiry date alerts – set expiry dates for your food and then check them while you’re food shopping. 
  • Stay organised – send lists, photos and family schedules from your smartphone to the touchscreen – like an interactive whiteboard.

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Go completely hands free with voice command

One of the best places to use the Amazon Echo is in the kitchen, when your hands will probably be busy chopping, stirring, mixing or washing up. Multi-tasking has never been so easy than with this hands-free speaker that you control with your voice.Amazon Echo Dot

Just ask Alexa (voice assistant) to…

  • Add garlic to my shopping list, or whatever else you run out of while cooking and prepping. 
  • Find a Thai curry recipe, or any other dish you fancy cooking but don’t know how to whip-up.
  • Turn up the volume on Spotify, if the sizzling pan or extractor fan starts to drown out the tunes. 
  • Start a timer for an egg, when you’re making a lazy Sunday brunch.
  • Work out the grams in half-a-cup of flour, when you’re enjoying a Saturday afternoon of baking.

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Extend your smart lighting into the kitchen

You may already have smart lights like Phillips Hue in your living room or bedroom – they’re great for mood lighting and you never have to come home to a pitch dark house again. Smart lighting can also come in handy in the kitchen, the heart of your home.

Philips Hue Colour

  • Light where you need it – turn up lights when you’re reading a cookbook and prepping, then dim when you sit down to eat.
  • Brighten up dark kitchen cupboards – use LED strips to shed light in gloomy corners or cupboards so you don’t have to root around in the dark when cooking.
  • Voice command when your hands are full – connect your smart lights to your Amazon Echo to change the lighting when you’re cooking or putting away shopping.

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Build your perfect smart kitchen