5 things to think about before buying a new washing machine

What size drum do I need? Are muddy stains an everyday occurrence? Do I crave laundry days as quiet as a humming fridge? You washing machine questions answered…

Washing machine

1. What drum size do I need?

This all depends on how much washing you have and how many washes you do a week. Make that mountain of dirty school uniforms disappear in no time with an 8-9kg drum, or keep your gym stuff fresh with lighter loads in a smaller 5-7kg drum.

If you need a machine that can cater for the whole family, choose one with a medium to large drum and a diverse selection of programmes.

We recommend: Hotpoint Smart WMFUG842PHotpoint Smart

It has 10 different programmes, including Anti Allergy, Anti Stain, Ultra Delicates and Baby. Its smart technology weighs the load and adjusts to create the most efficient cycle, saving you energy, water and time. 

What size drum suits your lifestyle? Check out out our washing machine capacity guide


2. Can I have a fast spin cycle without the noise?

No one wants a washing machine that sounds like a helicopter taking off. Especially if your house is open plan or you have a young family and need to do laundry in the evening.

Our washing machines range from 45 to 61 decibels during a wash cycle. Anything under 50 decibels is about the same as a refrigerator humming, so this really can make a difference in your home.

However, you may have to compromise on noise if you have a limited budget.

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3. I want serious stain-busting, even at low temperatures

Newer washing machines have incredible anti-stain technology that not only makes stain removal spray a thing of the past, but also washes clothes just as well in cool water. This is great for your clothes and the environment.Samsung AddWash

Hotpoint’s Direct Injection technology and Samsung’s Ecobubble both increase cleaning power by premixing water and detergent in a separate compartment before it goes into the drum. This means the detergent meets your clothes ready-frothed, so it gets into the fibres much faster, washing away even the most difficult stains.


4. My wardrobe favourites like denims and cashmere need care

Washing your clothes shouldn’t wear them out. Your favourite jumper should look as good as the day you bought it, whether you wash it once or 50 times. So, how can you make your wardrobe last longer?

We recommend: Samsung Ecobubble WF90F5E5U4X

Samsung Ecobubble

This machine has a diamond patterned drum with smaller water holes than normal, which gently moves the clothes through the cycle without snagging them. The ecobubble technology is also much kinder to clothes as the detergent and water is pre-mixed. This means you can deep clean even in a cool wash, which is great for keeping your colours bright and clothes looking like new for longer.


5. Are there new features that can make laundry days easier?

A smart washing machine is a great addition to your smart home. Unfortunately they don’t load and unload themselves, but you can use a smartphone app too.

  • see how much time is left on the wash
  • be notified when a cycle finishes
  • get updates on how to fix minor problems 

Like other smart tech, smart washing machines use your home Wi-Fi and an app. They can also still be used manually so if your spouse isn’t as tech-savvy as you, they’ll still be able to use the machine.

Another incredibly useful new technology is Samsung AddWash.

There’s always that 1 sock that gets left on the stairs on the way to the washing machine, but now it doesn’t have to stay left behind. With AddWash you can pause the cycle and add any forgotten items to the wash via a little hatch in the door. Read our article on making laundry days less hassle with AddWash

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