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Washing machines & cleaning
7 laundry myths busted 24 February 2017

Tired of being told how to do your laundry? Disprove outdated laundry myths with modern AEG appliances…

Washing machines & cleaning
How to protect wardrobe staples – from LBDs to wool sweaters 24 February 2017

That LBD from your first date or that favourite wool jumper, clothes tell the story of your life. Look after them properly with AEG…

Washing machines & cleaning
The washing machine your LBD deserves 24 February 2017

The LBD is a fashion icon – treat yours with the respect it deserves with SoftWater Technology from AEG…

Washing machines & cleaning
Our guide to cordless vacuums 31 January 2017

Cordless vacuums are powerful as well as convenient for cleaning your home… Isn’t it time you went wireless?

Washing machines & cleaning
Which vacuum cleaner should I buy? 26 January 2017

Buying a new vacuum cleaner? Find the best vacuums to suit everything from busy family homes to smaller city flats.

Washing machines & cleaning
5 reasons why you need a steam cleaner 18 January 2017

Save valuable cleaning time around all areas of your home with an efficient, versatile steam cleaner. You’d be amazed what they can do…

Washing machines & cleaning
Smart washing machines – functional or a fad? 28 November 2016

Smart washing machines can make laundry days less hassle – from reminding people at home to unload to diagnosing problems…

Washing machines & cleaning
Which type of tumble dryer is right for me? 25 November 2016

We take a look at the types of tumble dryers on the market so you can decide which one is right for you.

Washing machines & cleaning
How to keep your floors squeaky clean this Christmas 27 October 2016

Techy tips to keep your floors spotless this Christmas – no matter how many people you’re hosting…

Washing machines & cleaning
6 signs it’s time to replace your washing machine 22 September 2016

Noisy? Temperamental? Out of date? It may be time to invest in a new washing machine that cares for your clothes…


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