Buying a camera for blogging

Whether you’re a budding fashion designer or travel writer, if you’re serious about blogging you’ll want a camera to make your images look professional…


If you’re new to blogging or you’re looking to take your site to the next level, a good camera will give you high-quality images to make you stand out from the crowd. There’s no one best camera for blogging. It all depends on what type of blog you have and what you want to do with the images.

Tips for buying a camera for blogging:

  • Think of it as an investment. Having said that, if your photos are just going to stay on a blog page (where the resolution will likely be compressed), it’s not worth spending the earth
  • If you’re the subject of the photos or videos, go for something with a flip screen – so you can see exactly what your shooting
  • Are you happy to stay on Auto, or are you looking to improve your photography by using other modes? If so, it may be worth investing in something more advanced 

Follow our guide to finding the right camera for you.


Travel Blogger

In a nutshell: No two days are the same in the life of a travel blogger. Look for a versatile camera that can easily switch from landscape to portrait and macro to document your adventures properly

A big advantage of compacts for travel blogging is that they’re much lighter and better for carrying round with you than bulky DSLRs.

Compact system camera vs. DSLR – which is right for me?

The Olympus E-PL7 is a good bet. It comes with a 14-42mmf/3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens for shooting breathtaking landscape shots, while its small size makes it ideal for travelling. With it you can:

  • Shoot outdoors in a range of conditions with an ISO range of 100 – 25600
  • Capture the moment as it happens with fast autofocus and start up
  • Have greater control over how you frame your shots with the LCD touch screen that tilts and flips
  • Upload photos quickly thanks to built-in Wi-Fi. Use it with the Olympus Image Share app for iOS and Android and you can share your latest vista on Instagram in seconds
  • Record high definition video – for panoramic tours of your surroundings or if you fancy dipping your toe into vlogging

Check out the Olympus E-PL7


Fashion Blogger

In a nutshell: Shoot picture-perfect Pinterest mood boards, Instagram flatlays and outfit posts with a camera that’s fit for a pro

The Lumix GX80 has all your fashion photography needs covered, with a versatile zoom for capturing stunning landscape shots and indoor scenes.

Take professional quality images with the 16-megapixel sensor. Once you’ve nailed your latest outfit post, upload it and watch the ‘likes’ come flooding in with built-in Wi-Fi. With it you can:

  • Take incredibly clear photos every time with fast and accurate auto focus – or even focus your photos after you’ve taken them
  • Eliminate blur from shaky hands with built-in lens and body stabilisation features
  • Give new life to your latest wardrobe haul by filming it in stunning 4K
  • Find the perfect shot by taking razor-sharp stills from your video

Get the LUMIX GX80



In a nutshell: Budding YouTube star? A camera with a flip screen for first-person videos is a must. Something compact you can use to film on the go, too

Capture sharp, detailed movies on the Sony RX100 MK IV Isaw Edge action cam and save them in a professional XAVCS format. When you’re done filming, upload to your laptop for editing is easy with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connections. With it you can:

  • Have the option to film in other video resolutions like Full HD 1920 x 1080p (60 fps) and HD 1280 x 720p (30 fps) – great if you need to upload at a lower resolution for any reason
  • Save your videos in a range of file formats including XAVC S - AVCHD format 2.0 compatible, depending on what you’re using it for
  • Avoid a shot that’s too close to your face with a 107 degree wide angle lens – so it’ll look like you’re standing further away from the camera
  • Have plenty of space for all your videos with up to 1.45 hours recording

Check out the Sony RX100 MK IV

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