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Compact digital camera or smartphone camera – which is better? 06 May 2016

Do you still need a proper camera in the age of the smartphone? And which compact camera should you buy? Check out our Q&A with a professional photographer…


Compact cameras
Get the same power as a DSLR with Nikon’s new point-and-shoot cameras 02 March 2016

Nikon’s new range of point-and-shoot cameras pack all the power of a DSLR and are compact enough to fit in your bag…

Compact cameras
What is a digital camera - and do I still need one? 23 February 2016

Love snapping pics with your smartphone? Take your photography to the next level with a compact digital camera…

Compact cameras
Compact camera vs smartphone camera 06 July 2015

Wondering why you should still buy a proper camera in the age of the smartphone? Check out our Q&A with a former professional photographer...

Compact cameras
#LightsCameraCurrys with Canon 15 June 2015

Legendary field photographer Paul Hames teaches bloggers a thing or two about the unknown settings on their cameras, and tests them with a walking photography tour in Kings Cross.

Compact cameras
9 reasons why Sony´s new compact cameras will make the perfect travel companion 05 May 2015

Introducing the Cyber-shot™ HX90/HX90V and WX500, the newest range of compact cameras from Sony. A small addition to your suitcase that will have a big impact on your holiday.

Compact cameras
Do you still need a digital camera in the age of the Smartphone 03 April 2014

The smartphone has placed a camera in our pocket wherever we go - but does that mean we no longer need a digital camera? We investigate.

Compact cameras
Five great cameras to make 2014 a year to remember 19 December 2013

From shooting live gigs and sport to capturing memories of a family holiday and sharing the pictures on Facebook, here are five of our favourite cameras...

Compact cameras
Never forget another festival with the cameras our experts love 03 July 2013

Heading to a festival or on holiday this summer? Here are a couple of our favourite compact cameras...


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