What camera should I buy?

Want to shoot better Instagrams? Or ready to step up to a DSLR? Find your perfect camera with us…

Finding the right camera depends largely on the type of photos you’re going to shoot.

  • Instagram-addicts stepping up from smartphones will find joy with a Wi-Fi-enabled premium compact
  • Budding landscape or wildlife photographers are best served by a DSLR
  • Travellers wanting better pictures should look to mirrorless

We’ll detail all of these cameras, but first…What camera?

Making sense of the sensor

When it comes to image quality, much of a camera’s ability relates to its sensor – the device inside it that actually creates the pictures.

Sensors work by capturing light. More light means better images, so the bigger the sensor, the better the image quality. DSLRs and compact system cameras generally use larger APS-C sensors. Some compact system cameras use the newer micro four-thirds type of sensor.

Premium compact cameras are up there with some entry-level DSLRs now thanks to advanced one-inch sensors, while slightly lesser 1/2.3 sensors still deliver detailed photos – albeit with less quality than above.


Finding the right camera

Want a camera for better Instagram photos?

Camera: Premium compact with Wi-Fi

Live your life by your Instagram feed? Whether you’re documenting your food, friends, fashion or far-flung travelling, the aim is to get little red hearts and followers.Photography

And the better the photos you capture, the more likely you are to get both. But even the most advanced smartphone cameras have limitations when it comes to flash, optical zoom and sensor size.

Shoot high quality images and post to Instagram in no time with a premium compact with Wi-Fi. These cameras connect to your smartphone wirelessly so you can transfer images through an app in no time at all – without a USB cable in sight.

Features to look out for…

  • An easy-to-use app for transferring images – Sony and Canon are both very good
  • Simple point-and-shoot controls as well as manual settings for more control
  • Portable design for carrying around all day, just like your phone
  • 1-inch CMOS sensor for more detailed photos
  • Optical zoom for getting up-close to subjects

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Want amazing photos from holidays and travelling?

Camera: Mirrorless camera

Whether you’re planning a beach holiday for your family or you’re hitting the road on a gap year, you want to create lasting memories of your travels.Canon M3

Smartphone cameras and premium compacts can take great photos. But if you want to truly do your travels justice, look to a mirrorless camera. These combine DSLR-like image quality in a smaller, more portable design. They’re often retro-looking, so get top marks for style.

There’s a mirrorless camera to suit all budgets and skill levels. The higher-end models really rival DSLR cameras for their picture quality. With interchangeable lenses you can get the best from every situation.

Features to look out for…

  • APS-C or Micro Four Thirds sensor for creating richly detailed photos
  • Portable and tough for life in your rucksack or suitcase
  • Manual controls for creative shooting of landmarks or scenery
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for sharing your holiday pics straight from the hotel
  • Full HD video for shooting travel diaries or family movies
  • Angled touchscreen for framing shots from creative angles

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Want to specialise in landscapes, sports or wildlife?

Camera: DSLR

You’ve been into photography for a while, and now you’re ready to take it to the next level. Whether arty photos or fast-moving wildlife, you want more control over everything you shoot. The freedom to do things a bit differently.DSLR

It’s time to upgrade to the imaging power of a digital SLR, better known as DSLR. DSLRs are the chosen camera of professional photographers, whether we’re taking about sports, wildlife or celebrity photographers.

Features to look out for…

  • Fast AF (auto-focus) system to capture your subject quickly
  • Interchangeable lenses – you’ll want a telephoto lens for wildlife, and a macro to capture detail
  • A full frame sensor (at the least APS-C) to collect more light for better image quality
  • Optical viewfinder for better clarity when composing your shot
  • Wide ISO range for better quality in low light
  • Manual controls for adjusting aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • LCD display to show current settings on the camera’s top panel

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Skateboarder, windsurfer or rock-climber?

Camera: Action cam

You’re all about the outdoors – whether that’s mountain climbing or mountain biking, skateboarding or surfboarding.Cycling action Cam

You want an action camera that can keep up and give you the best views of your latest session. It’s more about video than still photography.

Features to look out for…

  • Ability to mount on your board or handlebars to shoot point-of-view footage
  • Full HD video or even 4K for detailed playback
  • Tough and waterproof for the slopes or sea

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